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The Dramen branch is cut from the Dramen tree found in the dungeon below Entrana island. This tree is a part of the Lost City quest, and chopping the tree will bring forth a Dramen Tree Spirit to attack. Unlike the random event tree spirits, this spirit will not drop anything. Once the spirit is defeated, branches may be chopped from the tree any time without further attack. Use a knife on the branch to craft a Dramen staff, but there does not appear to be any woodcutting experience gained by cutting the branch, nor any crafting experience when cutting the branch into a staff.

During Freeing Sir Amik Varze, a subquest of Recipe for Disaster, a dramen branch is ground into cinnamon.

Remember that the only exit from this dungeon under Entrana leads to the wilderness, so bring teleport runes or teleportation jewellery. Oddly enough, its appearance changes with the bank open on high detail.

The hatchet needed to cut this branch from the tree cannot be brought on the ship from Port Sarim, so the only way to obtain the hatchet is as a drop from the Zombies in the dungeon. You used to be able to bring an axe head and an axe handle into the dungeon and attach them inside, enabling skillers to complete the quest. Now, the random event is removed, the only possible way for skillers to do this quest is to have a friend kill the zombies for you, and trade you the hatchet. The monks will let you bring a knife on the ship as it cannot be wielded as a weapon.


The Items Kept on Death menu tells you Dramen branches are worth 15gp.


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