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This article is about the Drall species. You may be looking for the Drall home planet of the same name.




Average height

1 meter

Hair color

Brown, Black, Reddish-Gray[1]

Eye color


Famous members

Driggs, Drusa, Ebrihim, Elamm, Agrosko Lightingsky, Zip Beeline, Arok Dibai, Marcha, Eupadoi Naibrina, Emicimmo Sesro, Tiran, Sarella

"They are very dignified, very sensible beings, and they expect to be treated with respect. Is that clear?"
Han Solo, describing the Drall to his children

The Drall were a small furry yet highly intelligent species found on Drall in the Corellian system. They were descended from burrowing mammals and they were extremely diligent record-keepers, and it was said that they had recorded every trivial event since the dawn of intelligence. Libraries were among their greatest forms of entertainment, as were story-telling sessions called Ta'sharr.

The planet from which they originated was unknown; thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War, the Celestials transported the species to Drall in the Corellian system. Drall was usually hot and members of the species were covered with thick fur. Drall rarely wore any clothes except a belt to carry personal belongings. They were very fond of jewelry composed of ores and gems, which they made into beautiful works of art. Some Drall also believe that they originally hibernated before becoming civilized and build rooms in their houses that remind them of caves. These rooms help the Drall relax and think clearly.


Common Drall names

  • Garth
  • Gredda
  • Hedreg
  • Norghar


Drall child.

Like Selonians, Drall society was clan-based. The head of each family was usually the oldest female, called the Duchess. The Duchess worked with all family matters and held a daily Ta'sharr with the children of the clan. Drall family members supported tourism in areas like the Boiling Sea, they also worked as scholars and trinketsmiths. When a member of a Drall clan reached 18, the members of the clan gathered together and the Duchess awarded the Septar of Drall to the person.

Drall rarely carried weapons and were usually peaceful and quiet. Drall police officers wore medallions around their necks and carried flashsticks to disable criminals. The Wingriders were a division of police that rode ibbot mounts.

Behind the scenes

The Corellian Trilogy referred to the Drall species as Drallan. In most other sources they are simply called Drall.

Although previous sources might state that the Drall are native to the planet Drall, The New Essential Chronology indicates that they were actually transported to the planet by the Celestials thousands of years earlier.



Notes and references

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