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Draklor from an outside view

Draklor Laboratory (ドラクロア研究所, Dorakuroa Kenkyuusho) is a one-time location in Final Fantasy XII. Situated in Archades, the capital city of the Archadian Empire, it is an important storyline location, and once players exit Draklor's halls, they can never return to the area.



The head researcher at Draklor is Dr. Cid, who, by the time the game begins, has become obsessed with nethicite and spends all of his time researching its properties and how to integrate it into weapons for the empire.

Vaan and the rest infiltrated the Draklor Laboratory with the help of Balthier's "friend", Jules. Once inside, the party discovered that someone else has also infiltrated the building. The intruder shows himself when the party reaches the upper floors leading to Dr. Cid's room, revealed to be the Sky Pirate Reddas. Reddas assists the party when they confronted Dr. Cid face-to-face.

Sage Knowledge

For more detailed Sage Knowledge info, you may also see Sage Knowledge piece 57

"Weapons research laboratory located a short distance from the administrative district in the northeast of Archades, sponsored by the Archadian Imperial Army, with Dr. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa as its head researcher and maker of policy. Research is divided among airship design projects, sundry weapons projects, and magickal endeavors. In recent years, particular attention has been paid to magicite research, with great strides being made in the manufacting of magicite and improved methods of drawing energy from the stones. A strict security system is in place to ensure that none of the knowledge in Draklor Laboratory leaves its doors without authorization."


When the party first arrive there are no enemies. It is not until after the party arrives and obtains the map that an alarm is triggered, calling various enemy soldiers and the occasional mastiff to defend the lab. The party manages to reach the top floor by using switches to remotely open and close different doors, and there they fight Cid. Once Dr. Cid is defeated, the party can no longer return.

A battle into the Lab


Map of Draklor Laboratory.


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