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"Dragon knights who specialize in jumping and lance attacks"

The Dragoon, also known as Lancer, is a job in Final Fantasy V, which is given to you after the Earth Crystal shatters.



The main cast as Dragoons.

The dragoon costume is just like the Knight; lots of armor. The main difference is the dragon-shaped helmet and the dragon-like wings on their backs; Bartz even looks like Kain Highwind.


  • Job Command - Jump
  • Innate Abilities - None
  • Equipment - Knives, Spear

Jump does what you expect it to do. The character will leap up the first turn, then come falling down on the enemy the next. If your character is equipped with a spear, they will do twice the damage. Other than that, the dragoon doesn't do much else.

The stat modifiers for dragoons are:

  • Strength: +18
  • Agility: +5
  • Stamina: +15
  • Magic: -12

Level-Up Abilities

Level 1 ability
RPGe Name Jump
Anthology Name Jump
GBA Name Jump
AP Required 50
Type Command
Description Jump to deliver a powerful attack from above. Power is doubled when a spear is equipped.
Information Lets any job use the Jump command.
Level 2 ability
RPGe Name DragonSword
Anthology Name Lance
GBA Name Lance
AP Required 150
Type Command
Description Strike with dragoon powers to drain HP and MP.
Information Lets any job use the Lance command. The effect is weaker than the Drain and Osmose spells.
Level 3 ability
RPGe Name Equip Spears
Anthology Name EqLance
GBA Name Equip Lances
AP Required 400
Type Passive
Description Gain the ability to wield spears.
Information Any job with this ability will be able to equip Spears.

Special Notes

In the Library of the Ancients, a man once wrote that the secret to his power was that he was a mage that knew how to Lance. This is because Lance takes HP and MP from an enemy, refilling the mage's MP stock and healing him. The man was probably a Black Mage, considering this.


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