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Dragoons, or Dragon Knights, are a small but powerful group of spear-wielding, Wyvern-riding warriors in Final Fantasy II.

The first dragoon was a knight by the name of Haan, who visited Deist, the island home of the Wyverns. During his time on the island, he formed a bond with the wyverns over a thirty-year period, the first of what would eventually be many to do so. As time passed, the dragoons increased in number, but they became one of the earliest targets of the Palamecian Empire during the events of Final Fantasy II and were believed to have been completely wiped out along with the wyverns. The only people remaining in Deist when Firion's party arrives to recruit the dragoons' aid are the widow and adoptive son of one of the fallen dragoons, and a single wyvern who entrusts Firion with its egg before passing away.

One dragoon, Ricard Highwind, is later discovered to have survived after all, having been swallowed by the Leviathan whilst attempting to acquire the tome of Ultima. Firion and his friends escape the Leviathan with Ricard, and he joins their quest to stop the Emperor. He is later found to be the husband of the woman who remained at Deist.

After the Emperor's death, the wyvern egg eventually hatched and joined Ricard in Fynn, uniting the sole remaining dragoon with the last wyvern. Ricard and Firion's party rode the wyvern to infiltrate the Cyclone, but Ricard was slain within by the reborn Emperor, ending the life of the last dragoon.

Following the final defeat of the Emperor, Ricard's adoptive son decides to become a dragoon, following in his father's footsteps.


  • Though this is the first appearance of Dragoons in the series, they do not possess the Jump ability that would become their signature in later games.
  • Despite dragoons being best known for wielding spears, the most treasured weapon of the dragoons of Deist, Excalibur, is a sword.
  • In the Dawn of Souls release of Final Fantasy II, Ricard's adoptive son shares his name with a dragoon from another game, Kain Highwind of Final Fantasy IV.

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