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This article is about the item dropped by chromatic dragons. For complete item, see Dragonhide armour.

Dragonhide is a general name for Green dragonhide, Blue dragonhide, Red dragonhide, Black dragonhide, or anything made from them.

Dragonhides are a 100 percent drop of a non-metal Dragon along with Dragon bones. They can also be obtained from looting Impling jars. Dragons drop dragonhide of their respective colour, meaning Green Dragons drop green dragonhide, while Black Dragons drop Black dragonhide. However, Baby Dragons will not drop dragonhide.

Dragonhides can be tanned by speaking to tanners. This process costs 20 coins per hide, or 45 if tanning in Canifis. Doing this turns them into dragonhide leather which can be used for Crafting. They can be made into vambraces, bodies and chaps of the corresponding dragon. Each Dragonhide requires a certain Crafting Level in order to convert into certain Ranging equipment. This is very effective, especially when crafted in huge amounts. It is recommended to train to 99 from 57 using dragonhide, as cost per experience point is not much.

People use this method to make money, since the dragon hides are an always drop with a dragon bone and are worth more than 1,600 gp. Players over level 80-95 are recommended to kill green dragons as they are a huge profit. People will buy large numbers of dragon hides at over price.

Item Crafting Required
File:Green dragonhide.pngGreen dragonhide 57-63
File:Blue dragonhide.pngBlue dragonhide 66-71
File:Red dragonhide.pngRed dragonhide 73-77
File:Black dragonhide.pngBlack dragonhide 79-84

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