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A player with a dragonfire shield is protected against dragonfire damage.

Dragonfire is the breath of fire which can be used by all adult dragons (except revenant dragons) and wyverns, doing up to 60 damage if players fail to protect themselves with proper equipment. Dragonfire is unique in that it defies the combat triangle and is a different form of attack in itself - it cannot be deflected by any protection prayer, and regular armour doesn't offer any additional protection from the flames. However, there is a chance that one will "resist some of the dragonfire." This is only a small part, and even then it can hit up to 40+ damage. The dragonfire of chromatic dragons (Green, Blue, Red, Black) are close ranged, so they will only use it if the player is adjacent to the dragon. Other dragons (Wyvern, King Black Dragon, Brutal Green, and Metal) have long-ranged breaths.

Dragonfire protection

Some of the equipment needed to lessen this huge maximum hit are as follows:

Note: If players use a Dragonfire shield/Anti-dragon shield along with an antifire potion, the dragonfire will not cause any damage at all for a limited time. The exception to this is if a player uses a super antifire potion where a Dragonfire shield/Anti-dragon shield is not needed.

Players using dragonfire

Players can indeed use dragonfire, but only under the right conditions.

See article: Dragon bolts (e)

One way is the result of the special effect of dragon bolts, which enables the wearer to occasionally hit the opponent with a blast of Dragonfire, dealing 40 to 68 damage. The amount of damage dealt is based on the opponent's Defence level.

See article: Dragonfire shield

Another way players can use dragonfire is by use of the Dragonfire shield which is wieldable at 75 Defence. It has the same protective ability as an Anti-dragon shield. It will not fully protect against dragonfire. If the shield is operated while containing charges accumulated taken from dragons' dragonfire breaths, the charges are released in a devastating dragonfire attack, which can hit up to 30. Each time this attack is performed, charges are lost, thus lowering the shield's defensive bonuses.

Note: Just like regular dragonfire, both these methods will not cause damage if the opponent is a fire monster or a dragon. In PvP situations, if the opponent is wearing an Anti-dragon shield or under the effects of Antifire potions (or both) the damage is reduced significantly.

Fire spells are not considered to be Dragonfire and as such will not have the same effect as Dragonfire.



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