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Dragon Slayer is widely regarded as the most difficult free-to-play quest available in RuneScape. It is usually the last quest that free players embark upon, and upon successful completion, players may equip the ultimate free-to-play Melee and Ranged body armours: the rune platebody and green dragonhide body. It was also the last quest in RuneScape to be released before the addition of membership.

The items required for Dragon Slayer, as seen in RuneScape Classic.



Official quest description: Prove yourself a true hero! Slay the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor Island and earn the right to buy and wear the powerful rune platebody and green d'hide body!
Release date: 23 September 2001 (Update)
Start: Speak to the Guildmaster, located inside the Champions' Guild.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: No
Items needed:


Monsters to kill:


Talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild. After asking him for a quest, he will tell you to talk to Oziach, who is located west of Edgeville in a tiny house situated just below the Wilderness. Oziach says that to be able to purchase a rune platebody from him, you will have to slay Elvarg, the mighty female dragon, who is located within Crandor Isle. He will tell you to visit the Guildmaster for information on how to kill Elvarg.

A player talking to Oziach.

Note: You must ask the Guildmaster about all three map pieces and he will give you the key to Melzar's Maze.

Obtaining an Anti-Dragon shield

Travel to Lumbridge and then speak to Duke Horacio on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle. Ask him about a shield that will protect you from a dragon's breath, and when he asks you which dragon you're going to use it to fight against, tell him that you will be slaying the fearsome Elvarg of Crandor.

He will then give you an Anti-dragon shield and tell you a bit more about the story of Elvarg and the fall of Crandor. Note that if you lose your current shield, you can always talk to him again to obtain another. It is also possible to receive multiple shields by getting one from the Duke, dropping it, and then asking for another.

Obtaining the Map Pieces

A complete view of the Crandor map

The map pieces may be obtained in any preferred order. Once you have all three, use any of the three pieces on any one of the other pieces to form the complete Crandor map.

First Map Piece

For this section, it is recommended that you have a combat level of at least 30, and substantial food.

The first piece is found in Melzar's Maze, south of the Crafting Guild. Bring some food and armour for the fight with the Lesser demon. To enter, use the maze key on the door.

  • Kill a medium sized zombie rat until one drops the red key. Use this on the north-west door, then go up the ladder.
  • The orange Key is dropped by ghosts. Kill the ghost located in a separate room until you get the key, then go through the middle door, second from the north, on the east wall and climb the ladder.
  • Kill the skeleton with the small round buckler, not the square shield or no shield, which drops the yellow key. Use it on the south-west door and keep climbing down until you get to the zombies.
  • Kill Zombies which wield swords until you get a blue key. Use it on the north-west door.
  • You must now fight Melzar the Mad. He primarily uses melee attacks but be cautious of his magic, mainly Fire Strike and Weaken. While you are fighting him cabbages will pop out. When killed he drops the magenta key. Use this key on the magenta coloured door.
  • Now you have to fight a lesser demon, which drops the final green key you need. Silverlight may be useful if you melee the demon. Lobsters are ideal if you are a lower level player.. Rangers should use their strongest Ranged equipment, preferably a maple shortbow and steel arrows (or stronger). Mages should cast bolt spells or stronger. Bring a friend to help you if you can't kill a lesser by yourself as long as they lower the demon's life close to halfway but not to the point that they will get the key.

Once the demon is defeated, open the final green door and take the map piece from the chest and walk/run out to get the first map piece.

Second Map Piece

The hidden room.

Ascend to Ice Mountain and speak to the Oracle. She will then tell you a riddle which holds the answer to the location of the second map piece:

"The map's behind a door below,
but entering is rather tough
This is what you need to know,
You must use the following stuff:

First, a drink used by a mage,
Next, some worm string changed to a sheet,
Then, a small crustacean cage,
Last, a bowl that's not seen heat."
The entrance to the Dwarven Mine
  • Once you have obtained all these items, venture down into the mysterious and damp Dwarven Mine. Inside the mine is a room with a sealed door in the northeast part of the mines, just north of the scorpions. When you've found it, use all the items on the "Magical Door." Be sure to use the Wizard's Mind Bomb with the door, as the left-click action for it is to drink it. They will disappear after usage.

Trying to use the items on the door without consulting the Oracle results in the message "I have no idea what I should put in the opening of this door. Maybe I should just leave it for now."

When you open the chest inside, the following message is displayed:

"Here I rest the map to my beloved home. To whoever finds it, I beg of you, let it be. I was honour-bound not to destroy the map piece, but I have used all of my magical skill to keep it from being recovered.
This map leads to the lair of the beast that destroyed my home, devoured my family, and burned to a cinder all that I love. But revenge would not benefit me now, and to disturb this beast is to risk bringing its wrath down upon another land.
I cannot stop you from taking this map piece now, but think on this: if you can slay the Dragon of Crandor, you are a greater hero than my land ever produced. There is no shame in backing out now."

Note: The chest found within the room contains the second map piece.

Third Map Piece

First, you will have to speak with General Bentnoze located in Goblin Village. Afterward, he will explain to you that one of his goblins has it.

The message that appears after completion of the map.

The third and final map piece is apparently in the possession of a goblin named Wormbrain, who is being apprehended in the jail at Port Sarim. There are two ways to obtain the map piece:

Obtaining a Ship

  • Return to the Guildmaster and ask him about acquiring a ship. He tells you that there's probably a ship for sale in Port Sarim. The ship will be damaged, so you will need 90 steel nails, 3 regular wood planks (other variations, such as oak, won't work), and a hammer (to drive the nails) to repair it. You can smith 6 steel bars into 90 steel nails, or buy the nails from the Grand Exchange. If you don't have a hammer, you may purchase one from a nearby general store or take the one found in the upstairs room of the Falador forge.
  • After obtaining and bringing all the aforementioned items, along with 2,000 coins, head over to Port Sarim and look for Klarense at the southern docks of Port Sarim. Buy his boat, the Lady Lumbridge, for 2,000 coins. Board the ship and descend the ladder; make sure to repair the hole in the hull by using the planks with the hole. Using each plank consumes 30 nails. Do this three times to repair the hole completely!
  • Venture forth to Draynor Village and converse with Ned, the person who makes and sells ropes. Bring your map and ask him to pilot the ship and assist you in sailing to Crandor. He agrees and tells you to meet him on your ship in Port Sarim.

The Fight

Cabin Boy Jenkins being killed by Elvarg.
  • Before setting off for Crandor Island, stop at the Draynor Village bank. Withdraw your anti-dragon shield, your best armour suited for your fighting style, your one-handed weapon, any potions you may need, runes/bolts (if maging/ranging, although it is advised not to mage monsters like this), teleport runes, and fill the rest of your inventory with food (lobsters or better). Member foods, such as sharks and sea turtles will heal you if you have low hitpoints easily; make sure your health is at least 13 because Elvarg can deal up to 12 damage even if you are wearing rune armour.
  • If possible, try to avoid bringing food that is eaten in more than one bite, such as pizzas. They may heal more hitpoints over time, but the extra time needed to eat them could mean defeat in the battle with the dragon.

NOTE: Elvarg can be killed in more than one trip, so if you run out of food you can always re-bank, come back and Elvarg's HP will still be the same as when you left off. However, this only applies if no other players do the quest simultaneously. If you leave and someone else enters the dragon's lair while you are gone, and succeeds in slaying the dragon, it is likely to regenerate with full hitpoints. Likewise, if someone fails to kill the dragon, you can enter and continue to attack it, and its hitpoints will be as the other player left them. If you are a lower leveled player, it is recommended that you do this.

  • Board your ship,  and talk to Ned. Tell him you're ready to sail to Crandor Isle. A short cutscene will play, during which Elvarg flies over your ship in circles and sets it on fire! Cabin Boy Jenkins will start to panic. He will catch on fire, receive 10 damage and die, sadly. After crashing on the island shore, make your way across the island to the peak, avoiding the progressively stronger monsters. Run past the lesser demons at the top and take the stairs into the heart of the island.
  • Another cutscene plays, showing Elvarg's lair, full of bones, skeletons, and a silhouette of a warrior that came before (and was burnt-down) on the wall, before moving the camera angle to Elvarg, showing her as if she was slowly moving towards you. A music track, (Attack 2), starts playing in the background. Your Prayer will drain upon entering the lair.
  • Move past the skeletons until you see Elvarg behind a short wall of spikes protruding from the ground on the east. Climb over it, making sure that your anti-dragonfire shield is equipped, and begin the fight. If in the middle of the fight you leave Crandor Island, via teleport or any other means, you don't need to repair the Lady Lumbridge or convince Ned again, you can just use the secret passage way through the Karamja Volcano dungeon, after you unlock it first, of course. To do this, you must have first walked through the secret passage wall at least once from Crandor heading to Karamja Volcano, and it will always be open for you, so you can use it to travel underground from Karamja to Crandor and vice versa.
  • It helps to unlock this passage before fighting Elvarg, to provide a fast escape route should the battle go wrong. For obvious reasons, you can't use this passage from Karamja if you haven't reached this point during or after the quest before, as you can't reach Crandor before doing so.
  • After unlocking this passage, it becomes the only way to reach Crandor, as Klarense won't let you board the ship again under the excuse that it is another ship (he supports this by painting Klarense's Cruiser on top of Lady Lumbridge).

Battle Strategies

Extra Precautions

Whatever your fighting style, as stated before, an anti-dragon shield is a must. Members can make use of antifire potions to completely negate the damage from Elvarg's dragonbreath attacks. If your Prayer level is high enough, Protect from Melee will block Elvarg's melee attacks; a combination of Protect from Melee, an antifire potion, and an anti-dragon shield will negate melee damage and reduce fire breath damage to a maximum of 7. However, prayer points are drained during combat, so a prayer restoration method (such as prayer potions) may be necessary if you choose to rely on prayer heavily.

Elvarg's dragonbreath can hit up to 60s without an anti-dragon shield! Keeping your health above the 20s, just to be safe, is a good strategy in case Elvarg hits multiple times in a row. Her melee attacks can hit up to 10, so wear the best armour possible!

If you run out of food, teleport unless you can kill Elvarg in one or two more hits. Because only players who are doing Dragon Slayer and are on the fight with Elvarg may enter the lair, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will be able to repair or bless your gravestone. Elvarg is extremely strong, therefore, bring foods which heal plenty of HP, such as lobsters or swordfish for F2P and monkfish and sharks for P2P.


Being a dragon, Elvarg is weakest to stab attacks. If you use a slashing weapon, such as the popular rune scimitar, you can still defeat Elvarg but keep in mind that you will not hit her as often. Crush attacks perform moderately well against Elvarg, but not as well as stab attacks. Avoid using Silverlight or Darklight, as they do little damage and are very inaccurate unless used against a demon.

For stab attacks, the best longsword or sword you can use is recommended. You could also try using a battleaxe for its crush attack. If you are a member, it is recommended to use a dragon dagger p++ or a dragon longsword (Lost City required). Also, a rune dagger p++ could get the job done if you poison the dragon, slowly whittling down her health. A rapier is also among the better choice to slay Elvarg because of the stab bonus and speed.

Be sure to equip your anti-dragon shield, as it reduces Elvarg's dragonfire damage. Members can use antifire potions to further reduce damage from dragonfire. With an anti-dragon shield and antifire potion, Elvarg's maximum hit with dragon-fire is only seven hitpoints. If you have a strength level of about 40+, you can easily hit 10 with rune longsword.

Keep in mind that while the battle may seem tough, many players have been able to defeat Elvarg with a combat level lower than 50. If you attempt to beat her with a low level, make sure you bring plenty of swordfish or lobsters (if F2P), or monkfish (if P2P).


A player ranging Elvarg with a crossbow

If you use ranged on the dragon, make sure you are using a crossbow since it is one-handed, unlike a bow which is two-handed. With the crossbow, you are still able to equip the anti-dragon shield necessary for the final battle. Bring plenty of bolts as the battle will not be easy, and wear your best leather or dragonhide equipment.

As your armour will most likely not have high melee defence, make use of the various obstacles located within the south-east area of her lair (also amongst other places) behind the wall of stalagmites. This won't protect you from her dragonbreath, which can hit at a distance, but will keep you away from her melee attacks, which can be devastating to you since you will most likely have poor melee Defence.

A member may also use super anti-fire potions, which act as substitutes for an anti-dragon shield. This also means a person using the potion can use a bow because they do not need to wield the anti-dragon shield.


Magic is not a common approach to the fight with Elvarg and will hit almost nothing on the dragon unless you have at least 50 Magic. Magic is more effective against monsters such as Lesser Demons and Greater Demons and is not heavily advised, but it is still possible to use, and can give certain members an advantage.

Mages should choose to employ at least Fire Bolt and bring plenty of runes for casting many offensive spells. If you do in fact choose to mage Elvarg, try to avoid her melee attacks by hiding behind the stalagmites in the south-east area of the room, or using other obstacles to block her. For members, it'll be much easier with anti-fire potions used in conjunction with an anti-dragon shield as Elvarg's dragonfire can and will shoot over long distances, and since you will probably be a far distance away from Elvarg, she will automatically use dragonfire. Plus, anti-dragon shields attain no negative offensive Magic bonuses.


A player who has killed Elvarg.

Once you kill Elvarg, a cutscene will play during which you cut off Elvarg's head. It will appear in your inventory. Leave Crandor and take the head to Oziach, who will declare you worthy and give you your reward.

There are several ways to leave Crandor after the fight:

  • Teleport away using methods such as Lumbridge Home Teleport, an explorer's ring or a teleportation spell.
  • Exit Elvarg's lair and continue along the dungeon, avoiding the skeletons and lesser demons, until you come to a wall. If you push that wall you will pass through a secret door and end up inside the Karamja volcano. From there on you can pay 30 coins (which you can bring with you or raise on the island by selling items to the general store or working for Luthas) to sail to Port Sarim.
  • If you have not yet opened the secret door, which is a passageway connecting the lair and the rest of the Karamja Volcano, it is advised that you teleport out because if you are on low health from the fight then the various monsters outside the lair might kill you.

If you lose the head, you cannot go back and kill Elvarg for another. Simply return to Oziach and the quest will end as normal.


File:Dragon Slayer Reward.png


Music tracks unlocked:


  • It used to be that when Elvarg died, the player would be teleported outside with the Quest Complete banner, without cutting off Elvarg's head. There was no need to return to Oziach afterwards.
  • Both dragon slayer and Demon slayer are free-to-play and therefore give no slayer experience, despite their names.
  • Elvarg used to be locked in a cage with a door to go through, rather than a wall to jump over.
  • In RuneScape Classic, Telekinetic Grab was the only way to complete the quest after some quest items were made nontradeable, as there was no option to buy the map piece from Wormbrain. Thus the quest carried a requirement of 33 Magic. Before the transition to RuneScape 2 a few players could wear rune platebody without 33 Magic, as they had completed the quest before the map pieces were made nontradeable. There are only a few accounts remaining that possesses those retained items and skills.
  • Before the Crandor Isle update, there were no cut scenes of Elvarg at all. The dragon never set fire to the ship; rather, Ned said the ship crashed because he made a "wrong turn." Strangely enough, there was no mention of the cabin boy after you set sail to Crandor.
  • There was an old glitch before the quest update that allowed Elvarg to send dragonfire towards you through the cage like the Brimhaven dragons after you entered then exited from the cage. The only way to escape was going up to the rope that leads to the surface of Crandor Island, or to teleport away.
  • If you talk to Ned in Draynor Village after setting sail to Crandor, and ask him how he got back, he will say "I got towed back by a passing friendly whale." Yet Ned remains on the crashed Lady Lumbridge on Crandor even after the quest.
  • Previously, before the Crandor update was introduced, it was possible to attack Elvarg, then have someone else to finish her, wait until they finish, walk out of her lair and a message would come up saying, "You have completed the Dragon Slayer quest" complete with the regular award for doing the quest. This is no longer possible, due to the requirement of bringing back the dragon head (as proof of your deed) to truly finish the quest. The dragon head acquired is only visible to a player who has taken on the quest and killed Elvarg herself.
  • It once was possible to enter Elvarg's lair and fight it; but if you died before you managed to kill it, you could travel to Crandor and enter again before she recovered completely. This would make the fight very much easier, and if the player only carried three valuable items (four if the player uses the "Protect Items" prayer) the loss would be minimal.
  • Long ago, the EXP reward was determined by the attack style you used. If you used "Accurate" attacking style, you would get strength and defence exp, if you used "Aggressive" attacking style, you would get attack and defence exp, and if you used "Defensive" attacking style, you would get attack and strength exp. This no longer applies.
  • If you enter the lair, and someone else is attacking Elvarg, if Elvarg decides to attack you instead, both of the players will receive Elvarg's head.
  • If you accidentally exit the cutscene after Cabin boy Jenkins has died, you'll be back in Port Sarim and he'll be alive again.
  • The safe spot in Elvarg's lair no longer exists as it was removed due to an update by Jagex.
  • If you attempt to board the ship you bought after the completion of the quest, Klarense will claim that it is his.


  • Dragon Slayer

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