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A baby blue dragon.
The progression of a dragon egg to the "baby" form (same as adult form for other pets).

A Dragon Egg is a 99 summoning pet egg. It is a fairly common drop from green, blue, red, & black dragons. The egg will be the colour of the dragon that dropped it. When hatched using an incubator, a dragon hatchling will appear. The hatchling will be the same colour as the egg (and dragon that it came from). The dragon hatchling follows the same progression as other pets. Metal dragons do not drop dragon eggs.


  • Previously there was a lot of controversy surrounding the dragon egg drop. Some people said that 99 Summoning was not required to get the drop. However, on 24 June 2008, Mod Craddock confirmed that level 99 Summoning is required in order to stand a chance of getting a dragon egg for a drop.
  • You can still stand a chance of receiving an egg while already owning a pet dragon, or having an egg in the incubator.
  • You can receive more than one egg of each the colours, but you cannot incubate them if you already have a pet dragon in your bank. You can incubate and grow more pet dragons if your current dragon is full grown and in a Pet house, in a player owned house menagerie.
  • The only way to see a baby green dragon (a monster which does not exist) is by having the pet (non-attackable version), which is also called a baby green dragon, or to see a baby green dragon in the quest Perils of Ice Mountain .
A Jagex Moderator confirming the rumour.

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