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This article is about the dragon weapon. For one of the ancient artefacts obtainable in PvP and Bounty Worlds, see Bronzed dragon claw.
A detailed view of a pair of Dragon claws.

Dragon claws are a pair of claws made of Dragon metal. They were released on 26 November 2008, along with the While Guthix Sleeps quest. They are two-handed weapons, and players require an Attack level of 60 in order to wield them. They may only be obtained as a drop from Tormented demons. Tormented demons can only be killed during and after While Guthix Sleeps and are commonly thought to have a claw drop rate of approximately 1/200 to 1/300. However, completing the quest is not a prerequisite to wielding them.

These claws feature a special attack, "Slice and Dice", which uses 50% of the special attack bar and hits an enemy four times within one turn. When two specials are used back-to-back, a player can hit eight times in two attacks, which is similar to the dragon dagger's special. This especially notable because their rune counterpart also have a special attack, making claws the only type of weapon where both the dragon and rune versions have a special attack. The efficiency of the special attack is specially noticeable in Kuradal's dungeon, where the use of the Ferocious ring adds +4 damage to each individual successful hit of the special attack, a possible 16 extra damage if all four attacks hit.

Dragon claws, when first released, started in the Grand Exchange at 150,000 coins, but the high demand has pushed them up to relatively high prices (at several tens of millions). With the release of the Dragon claws, the price of the Dragon dagger dropped. This may be a result of Dragon claws outdoing dragon daggers in strength bonus (a +56 bonus compared to the +40 of the dragon dagger), matching them in speed, and arguably having a more useful special attack.

However, Dragon claws are two-handed, which means that players cannot use a shield or defender while wielding them. Using a rune defender along with the dragon dagger provides more defence and attack bonuses than the Dragon claws. Using a dragon dagger and a Dragonfire Shield provides more defence than that of the Dragon claws. For some reason you wield 2 claws but only use 1, except for its special attack.

They are currently the most expensive dragon equipment, with Dragon full helm being second at 26M.

As with all Dragon equipment this item cannot be made from raw materials using the smithing skill. The Dragon platebody and the Dragon sq shield can be smithed from their component parts.

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A player wearing dragon claws
A player wearing dragon claws
The Dragon claws special attack: Slice and Dice
The Dragon claws special attack: Slice and Dice
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+41 +57 -4 +0 +0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+13 +26 +7 +0 +0 +0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+56 +0 +0 0
Speed: File:speed4.gif

Slice and Dice

The special attack is based on the first hit. It then takes the first hit, divides it in half, then divides it by a further 1/2, and then it hits for the same again. For example, if a player hits a 40 on the first hit, the special would be 40-20-10-10. If it is odd, like 41, it may be 41-20-10-11, or 41-20-10-10, to average the 4 split hits with the first hit. This means that the Dragon claws essentially doubles the damage into four separate hits.

The claws can hit up to a 55, a 27, a 15, and a 13 (for a total of 110) under perfect conditions, which equals 220 with both specials, while under perfect conditions the dragon dagger can hit two 50s four times for a total of 400 damage from the four specials. However, in PvP, these damages would not be possible, as they rely on other factors, such as a Castlewar bracelet against the flagholder. Also, the dragon dagger's special attack, puncture, has a significant lag time after the first special attack has been used. Therefore giving the wielder's opponent enough time to eat food, before the dragon dagger's special attack is fired again. The advantage of the dragon claws over this is once the special is used, all 4 hits connect simultaneously, without stopping.


The Grand Exchange Database price graph for the first 30 days after release.

Since their release with a starting price of 150,000 coins, the price of Dragon claws has risen dramatically by the highest percentage in the history of the Grand Exchange by player-demand only (not including Jagex's own price modifications of objects).

After just 30 days following their release, Dragon claws had risen by 2,142%, gaining a total of more than 6 million coins. As of 31 January, 2009, the Grand Exchange indicated a mid price of 38 million for claws, meaning they have risen 25,351% from their initial price. From there, the price of dragon claws was slowly decreasing.

On 15 July, 2009 Jagex introduced an update to PvP worlds and Bounty Hunter Worlds in which players were automatically skulled on entering the world and the Protect Item prayer was disabled. Dragon claws, a popular item used by one-itemers started to see a rapid drop in price along with other one-itemer weapons such as the Armadyl godsword and Saradomin sword. The Dragon claws suffered a 1.2 million gold loss the day after the update.

On 17 July, 2009 Jagex released Bounty+1 worlds, which allowed players to keep one item on death. The demand soon shot up with players buying for well above maximum price.


  • Sometimes a player using the Dragon claw's special twice in a row on the second special may only hit 2 times instead of the usual 4. This is not a glitch. Since the special attack is 4 separate hits, if the enemy dies after one of the hits, the following hits do not occur. However, there are some occasions when the enemy is still alive after 2 hits and the special attack misses, hitting a 0 and a 1, or a 0 and another 0 if target was using Protect from Melee, but the 0-1 special happens reasonably often on good defence and/or armour.
  • On 20 October, 2009, Jagex included a sound effect for the Dragon claw's special attack.
  • It's possible to hit a red coloured 0 with the Dragon Claws.
  • On 26 October, 2009, Dragon claws reached their all time high of 42.2m, and experienced an almost smooth decline, with a few sharp jumps in price mainly due to updates.

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