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Dragon bones are associated with the Prayer skill, and are dropped by all adult dragons. Dragon bones give 72 Prayer experience when buried (60 experience on RuneScape Classic), 288 Prayer experience when offered at the Ectofuntus, or 252 Prayer experience when offered at Gilded altar with 2 burners lit. The relative ease of collecting dragon bones combined with the amount of experience earned from them makes them widely viewed as a fast, cost-effective way to train prayer.

Players can also get Dragon Bones as a reward from the Soul Wars minigame by selecting the 'Gamble' option when choosing rewards. If a player gets Dragon Bones, they will likely be in multiples of 11.


  • There are a wide range of Dragons that drop bones, including Green dragons, Blue dragons, Red dragons, Black dragons, Bronze dragons, Iron dragons, Steel dragons, Mithril dragons, Brutal green dragons, and the King black dragon. Most dragons are strong opponents. However, Green dragons and Blue dragons are the weakest types of dragons, and dragon bones are mostly accumulated by killing them.
  • Green dragons are the lowest level dragons in the game. They can be found in various places in the wilderness as well as in two locations in the Chaos tunnels. Green dragons in the Chaos Tunnels are grouped together with Baby black dragons, while players may be attacked by Revenants while fighting Green Dragons in the wilderness locations.
  • The high value of dragons' drops (bones plus hides every kill for chromatic dragons) makes dragon-hunting a highly profitable combat activity. Players can make 300k to 800k coins per hour fighting Green dragons, depending on how fast they can kill the dragons and bank the bones and hides.
  • Baby dragons do not drop dragon bones. Instead, they drop Babydragon bones.
  • Burying dragon bones is not recommended; usually they are best used on a Gilded altar.
  • Big bones are a cheaper way to train prayer than dragon bones, but dragon bones give 4.8 times faster experience than big bones.
  • Dagannoth bones and Ourg bones are both faster ways to train prayer than dragon bones, but cost over 50% more per prayer experience point.


  • In Runescape Classic, Elvarg dropped dragon bones that F2P players could pick up from other players' dragon kills, but not bury.
  • Dragon bones were worth only 1800 coins each in December 2008, but a combination of inflation, the release of the Ancient Curses, and higher demand in general has brought dragon bones to their current price of about 5000 coins each.
  • In 2007, real-world traders often killed Green dragons to earn coins to sell for real-world money. The price of dragon bones went as low as 1000 each due to the huge supply from the real world traders' bots.
  • Dragon bones are used in the Watchtower quest.


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