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The Dragoon Lance in Final Fantasy VII.

The Dragon Lance (飛竜の槍), also known as the Wyvern's Lance, Dragoon Lance, and Dragon Whisker, is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. A powerful spear for Dragoons, it is highly effective against Dragon-type enemies. However, it is very rare and hard to come by.




Final Fantasy II

The Wyvern's Lance is the strongest spear in the game, only equippable by Ricard, and can only be found in the Arubboth. It boosts an incredible 169 Attack power, and also grants +99 Strength and Agility.

Final Fantasy III

The Dragon Lance is a powerful spear for the Onion Knight and Dragoon classes. It can be bought aboard the Invincible.

Final Fantasy IV

Rydia wielding the Dragon Whisker in the DS remake.

The Wyvern Lance, also known as the Dragoon Spear, is a rare weapon for Kain. It can won from Blue Dragons, Red Dragons, and Crystal Dragons. The Wyvern Lance does additional damage to Dragons. The Dragon's Whisker is a whip for Rydia, and also does additional damage to Dragons.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Wyvern Lance is the second strongest spear in the game, only obtainable by winning it either from Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, or Crystal Dragon. It provides 110 Attack, 30% Accuracy, and +5 Speed, as well as dealing extra damage to Dragon-type enemies. The Dragoon Lance is a spear that is initially equipped to Kain when he becomes a Holy Dragoon, and provides +3 to all stats, 80 Attack, and 40% Accuracy, as well as being Holy-elemental.

The Dragon Whisker is the strongest whip in the game, only obtainable as a rare drop from Blue Dragon or Fiend Dragon. It provides 55 Attack, 25% Accuracy, and +5 Strength, Speed, and Stamina, as well as ignoring rows. It also reduces Spirit and Intelligence by 5, as well as inflicting Paralyze when attacking with it, as with all other whips.

Final Fantasy V

Dragon Lance artwork from Final Fantasy V.

The Dragon Lance is the strongest spear in the game, and does double damage to Dragons. The only way to acquire it is to steal it from bosses, or from Crystal Dragons. It is practically a requirement to defeat Shinryu.

Final Fantasy VII

The Dragoon Lance is a mid-powered weapon for Cid, and can be found in Wutai and bought in Junon. It has eight single Materia slots.

Final Fantasy IX

The Dragon's Hair is Freya's strongest spear, found near Oeilvert. It is the only weapon that teaches the Dragon's Breath ability.

Final Fantasy X

Any of Kimahri's spears can become the Dragoon Lance with the abilities Magic Counter and Counter Attack, or the Evade & Counter ability.

Final Fantasy XI

Ryunohige, or "Dragon's Whisker," is the mythic weapon for Dragoons, which augments the Jump ability.

Final Fantasy XII

Dragon Whisker in Final Fantasy XII.

The Dragon Whisker is the second-strongest spear, although the Zodiac Spear is far stronger.

Final Fantasy XIII

The Dragoon Lance is a model for a spear obtainable by Fang.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Dragon Whisker is a mid-powered spear that can be acquired by poaching a Red Dragon or via Multiplayer mode. It commands the highest cost of any spear.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Dragon Whisker is a mid-powered spear that teaches the Bangaa Cry ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Dragon Whisker is the strongest spear in the game, and teaches the Bangaa Cry ability.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Dragon Lance and Dragoon Spear are weapons for Lilty.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

The Dragoon Spear is a low-ranked weapon that provides 36 attack and +25 Stun. It takes 1 slot and costs 600 gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Wyvern Lance is a level 79 spear that grants +55 Attack and -1 Defense, as well as +30% to Wall Rush Bravery.

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