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The Dragon Riders are a mysterious race or organization. They are mentioned briefly by the warrior Viggora as having been active during the Second Age. In Postbag from the Hedge 43, however, the Mahjarrat Enakhra denies their existence, making the accuracy of either claim unclear. Enakhra is also unaware of the Dragonkin, so it may just be ignorance on her part.

The dragon riders have only been mentioned once throughout RuneScape, during the Ghostly robes miniquest. During the miniquest, Vigorra mentions that Zaros used the dragon riders as personal bodyguards alongside demons, vampires, and Mahjarrat during the Second Age.

The dragon riders are believed to be a race because the ghost also mentions that Zamorak only ever chose a few humans as bodyguards. This would suggest that the riders were not humans, but an entirely different species. Others argue that this could merely mean that the riders were actually composed of several non-human races. However, the way in which the ghost says this, "Oh yes, the dragon riders, Mahjarrat, demons, and vampire warriors made up the bulk of the force..." suggests otherwise.

It is also possible, but unlikely that it could refer to Dragonkin. Seeing as Dragonkin created the first dragons they could well have ridden them into battle. Also it is often forgotten that Dragonkin were still an open, and much feared threat before Robert the Strong defeated them. After Zamorak overthrew Zaros, the dragon riders were no longer necessary as bodyguards; instead, they rode wyrms into battle against the other gods during the God Wars.

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