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Final Fantasy V Enemy
Dragon Pod
Level HP MP
33 12,000 1,000
Strength Magic
40 50
Defense M. Defense Evasion
0 40 0
0 0
Japanese ひりゅうそう
Romaji Hiryuusou
RPGe Name HiryuuPlant
PS Name Dragon Grass
GBA Name Dragon Pod
Location Drakenvale
Type Humanoid
Steal Nothing
Item Dropped Elixir
Abilities N/A
Blue Magic None
Control N/A
Catch N/A
Weak Against Nothing
Immune to Nothing
Absorbs Nothing
Status Immunity Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Silence, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep

The Dragon Pod is a boss in Final Fantasy V. It is the reason why Wind Drakes have been dying out recently, as it attacks any Drakes that investigate the plant. When the party look for some herbs to heal the Wind Drake, they mistake the Dragon Pod for the herb and are attacked.


The Dragon Pod will do nothing but spawn Dragon Flowers, this in turn will attack you for a small amount of damage and inflict Old, Confuse, Paralyze, Poison, Zombie, or Blind, depending on the type flower that attacks you.

As soon as this battle begins, summon Golem. Your characters can now kill the Dragon Pod and the Dragon Flowers surrounding it easily, since they all use physical attacks. Use any attack you have to instantly kill the flowers, preferably, then focus on the pod. You can also cast Sleep on every flower, rendering the Dragon Pod defenseless.

If you have enough multi-targeting attacks you might be able to overcome the attacks and defeat it, but the above strategies are recommended.

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