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A Dragon (Draconis Rex) is a dangerous race of monster with wings (though rarely seen flying) and the ability to use a fiery breath attack.

Dragons are often a very high combat level. Even the lowliest of dragons have a nasty dragon-breath attack. Only the adult dragons can breathe fire. As this attack can hit over 50 damage, an Anti-dragon shield, Anti-fire potion, or Dragonfire shield is almost always required to fight them. If both the shield and the potion are used, all of the damage is prevented. Due to the Protect from Magic Prayer's effectiveness against the dragonfire attacks (though less so that of the usual methods to repel them), dragons are at least partially innately magical in nature.

Adult dragons drop Dragonhides of their particular colour (or metal bars in the case of Metallic Dragons) and Dragon bones. Babydragons drop Babydragon bones. The highest level adult dragons (black, iron, steel, and mithril) also share the Draconic visage as a rare drop (the likelihood of receiving the visage increases with regards to the strength of the dragon). Skeletal Wyverns also drop the dragonic visage.

For the chromatic dragons, it is interesting to note that the combat level of the corresponding dragon increases with a trend similar to that of the rank of the colour of the karate belt. Their rankings are also related to the rating of danger on ski-runs, with a green slope being a beginner slope, to a black slope being for advanced skiers only. Metallic dragons increase in strength corresponding to that of the metal they are made from.

All dragons are classified as large monsters; thus, the dragon halberd special attack hits them twice.

There are three non-attackable dragons:

The Red Dragon from the tutorial Unstable Foundations uses the new dragon graphic style, and all the other dragons will be updated to the same style sometime in the future. Mod Knox confirmed it (16-17-84-59588333).


Chromatic Dragons

Chromatic dragons:

Metal Dragons

Metal Dragons:


A Brutal Green Dragon.


A simulated Red dragon, found at an exhibit in the Varrock Museum.
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  • In the 19th Postbag from the Hedge, a letter from a green dragon stated they CAN fly. They are not seen flying (except in cutscenes from Dragon Slayer) because they prefer to eat us on the ground. This is probably said because dragons would be hard to see by a player if they would attack from the sky.
  • In the same letter, they are also depicted as fairly dim-witted, talking in a dialect similar to ogres.
  • Dragons are thought to be the descendants of the powerful, almost extinct race known as Dragonkin.
  • White dragons seem to have existed at some point in RuneScape's history, as the examine option on Third age ranger armour implies.
  • Dragons must have been involved somehow in the God Wars, as the examine text for a Revenant Dragon says: "A ghost of a dragon slain during the god wars."
  • Although the Postbag depicts Dragons as dim-witted, most Dragon myths depict Dragons as incredibly intelligent and being able to play mind games with enemies. In some myths, people have faced Dragons who present complex questions or riddles to a person, in which case a wrong answer results in said person becoming dinner.

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