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A player wearing some Dragon equipment.

Dragon items require level 60 Attack and/or Defence to wear/wield. While technically not being an official mine-able or smith-able ore, Dragon is still considered as the next level up from Rune, and thus is included in the metals category. This is supported by the fact that with 92 Smithing, a player can smith the dragon platebody from its components at the Dragon forge.

Dragon items are members-only and often require completion of a quest to be usable. Dragon metal items are a distinctive dark red in colour, and their shapes differ from similar items of different metals. Dragon metal weapons all have a special attack. Dragon items are generally sold at high prices in shops or dropped by high-leveled monsters. The dragon platebody and the dragon claws were released with the While Guthix Sleeps quest.

Note that Dragon arrows and darts are not made from dragon metal at all; they are simply fletched from the talons of a dragon. Some weapons or armour are not currently existent in the form of Dragon - for example, there are currently no Dragon warhammers, shortswords, throwing knives, throwing axes, hastas, kiteshields, or crossbows. However, dragon warhammers and dragon crossbows are confirmed by Mod Mark to be under development.

Many players consider the full set of Dragon armour to be:


A female player wearing full dragon armour.

Dragon metal was discovered thousands of years ago by the Dragonkin (possibly known as Necrosyrtes). They crafted Dragon items which were given to, or bought by, the early inhabitants of RuneScape. The Dragonkin told no one what Dragon is made of, nor how it is produced, so very little is known about it. It is currently the hardest known metal in all of RuneScape; however, this is questioned by many people, as there has been no testing of the strength of God Armour or Barrows armour. Many attempts have been made to melt it down, but so far, none have been successful. One notable attempt was made by Mr. Mordaut, who inadvertently revealed that the Dragonkin were the original creators of the metal.

The Tormented Demon, also known as TD, was released on 26 November 2008 along with the While Guthix Sleeps quest. When this multicombat level 450 is defeated, it can drop:

The Ruined dragon armour is made of the demon's body parts and it is therefore agreed upon among players that demons are the source of Dragon metal. These parts can be forged into a Dragon platebody at the Dragon Forge in the Ancient Cavern.


Corrupt dragon equipment

Corrupt Dragon equipment was introduced with the PvP worlds update. It has the same bonuses as regular Dragon equipment, but is available to free players. This equipment is dusty in colour, and dissolves after 30 minutes of being equipped. It acts similarly to the Barrows equipment, except it disintegrates after use and cannot be repaired.

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