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Dragon is the name of Freya's Dragon Knight skills in Final Fantasy IX. They are not considered Magic, and thus can be used when magic is unusable, such as when the party is first sent to the Forgotten Continent and enter the anti-magic field within Oeilvert.

Freya is a very versatile character due to the variation of abilities within Dragon's skillset. One of her most potent spells is Dragon's Crest, which is initially a weak attack but gains magnitude as the party fells more Dragon type enemies, with the possibility of inflicting 9999 damage with every casting. In addition to this potentially lethal attack, Dragon contains healing spells such as the useful Reis's Wind and the wild-card Six Dragons.

Six Dragons has several variables to it. It has a 20% chance of either fully restoring HP or MP, or reducing HP and MP to 1, as well as a 15% chance of reducing HP or MP to 1, and a 10% chance of fully restoring HP and MP. This varies from target to target.


Name MP Effect
Lancer 10 Removes HP and MP from an enemy.
Reis's Wind 12 Casts Regen on all party members.
Dragon Breath 78 Reduces all enemies' HP based on target's Max HP minus current HP of target.
White Draw 36 Reduces one enemies' MP in order to restore the party's MP by a small %.
Luna 12 Inflicts Berserk on all allies and enemies.
Six Dragons 28 Randomly restores, depletes, or does nothing to select allies' HP or MP.
Cherry Blossom 46 Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies
Dragon's Crest 16 Deals physical damage to all enemies. This powers up as the party defeats more Dragon type enemies.



The attack "Reis's Wind" is a reference to the character Reis Duelar from Final Fantasy Tactics.


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