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Draft-class Tri-fighter
Production information

Droid tri-fighter



Technical specifications

5.4 metres


3.45 metres

Maximum acceleration

3,600 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

37,000 km/h


Rise of the Empire era onwards


Draft-class Tri-fighters, or Drafts were exact physical replicas of Droid tri-fighters created by the IGBC for the CIS as a cheap but effective emergency source of starfighters.


Comparison between DC Tri-fighters and standard Tri-fighters



The main reason that draft-class Tri-fighters were better than standard tri-fighters was that they were far cheaper to produce. They had no built-in droid brain, which was the most expensive part of the old Tri-fighters. This meant that many more could be produced. Also, as there were so many OOM Providence battle droids at the CIS' disposal, enough could be spared to be able to pilot the huge ammount of drafts that were created. A B1 droid's brain was installed by using an IGBC-DBR.


The only downside to drafts was that an OOM Providence battle droid's brain, or any other CIS infantry droid's brain was not powerful enough to operate as many weapons as a standard Tri-fighter's. Because of this, draft-class Tri-fighters had no medium laser cannons and only two light laser cannons.

Use after the fall of the CIS

After the fall of the Separatists, many OOM Providence battle droids that survived the Clone Wars hid from the factions which were trying to destroy them, taking their ships with them. These droids travelled far from the conflict between the Republic and Empire, to a medium sized planet deep in the unknown regions. They then formed the Droid Confederacy, and draft-class Tri-fighters formed a large part of their entire navy.

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