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"You wear the mummer's motley well, Bergan."
—Judge Drace

Judge Drace (ドレイス, Doreisu) is a character in Final Fantasy XII. A minor character, she is the only female Judge Magister, the highest rank possible in the Archadian Empire. She also serves as mentor to the young Lord Larsa.



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Drace's concept art.
"Spare me your lies! I see the serpent coiled here before me!"
—Judge Drace, to Vayne

Drace only makes a minor appearance. First, she appears talking to Judge Gabranth about how it is important to defend Larsa. They then discuss how the senate likes to manipulate their rulers from the shadows.

Later, she is seen with the other Judges over Emperor Gramis' dead body. She is the only Judge willing to admit that Vayne was responsible for the late Emperor's death. However, when she pulls out her sword against Vayne, Judge Bergan attacks her, since she has now drawn her weapon out against the very institution she has sworn to protect. Vayne then tests Gabranth's loyalty, by ordering him to execute Drace. He does so, reluctantly, but as Drace dies, she asks Gabranth to protect the Lord Larsa.


In the English release of Final Fantasy XII, Drace is voiced by Julia Fletcher. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Yôko Soumi.


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She can only be fought in Trial Mode, at Stage 100.


  • Of the three judges on the cover art of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance the one on the right shares the appearance of Judge Drace.
  • According to the manga adaptation of Final Fantasy XII, Drace was present at the battle of Nabudis, along with Judge Bergan and Judge Zargabaath. There, she engaged in a brief battle with Basch.

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