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affiliation: Children of Cathedral
role: Cathedral Doctor
location: Cathedral
appearances: Fallout
dialogue file: DOCWU.MSG

Dr. Wu was an inhabitant of the Cathedral during 2161.



Dr. Wu is a vulgar and hostile member of the Children of the Cathedral and on-site medic. Speaking with him solicits highly antagonistic responses, laden with cursing, insults, and semi-sarcastic threats of euthenasia. He can be found in the South Western area of the Cathedral.

Dr. Wu wields a Ripper and claims to supply Nightkin with drugs that allow them to easily dispose of other Cathedral members.

Interactions with the player character

Dr. Wu is what it says. A doctor. Patching you up, and being an ass is his job.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Robes Ripper Psycho, COC Badge (red), Stimpak. All of the above, excluding the robes.


  • His name may be an allusion to the Minutemen song of the same name.


  • Dr. Wu: "What is your problem, asshole? Maybe I put you to sleep, shithead!"
  • Vault Dweller: "Do you put a lot of people to sleep, doc?"
  • Dr. Wu: "Nightkin prefer to do that. I give them chems sometimes. Nobody pays attention to Doctor Wu. They're all assholes! Now, you wanna get fixed up?"

Appearances in games

Dr. Wu only appears in Fallout.


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