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This article is about the male scientist from Energon. For the female scientist from the G.I. Joe/Generation 2 crossover, see Doctor Biggles-Jones.
Dr. Jones is a human from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Dr. Brian Jones is humanity's foremost expert on Energon. He has a brilliant mind and his research may solve the energy crisis facing not only Earth, but Cybertron as well.

Dr. Jones and his wife, Miranda Jones, are the parents of Kicker and Sally Jones. He laughs at inappropriate times. Actually, he has some other inappropriate personal quirks to boot. He sometimes views Kicker as more of a tool than as his son, but shows some concern for him at important times. Dr. Jones is exceedingly eccentric.

It is unknown if Doctor Jones ever met Short Round or Willie Scott.

He's no known relation to Doctor Biggles-Jones, though they have lots in common.




Cartoon continuity


Voice actor: Ron Halder (US), Jin Yamanoi (Japan)
A typical father/son moment on a hostile planet.

An MIT graduate, Dr. Jones earned a degree in physical engineering. His pupil at this time was the young Rad, who would later reveal the Transformers to Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones would eventually travel to Cybertron and establish a sort of private-sector energon research on Earth, in the form of hidden cities built on Cybertronian technology.

Thanks to Alexis' intervention, this program would become loosely sanctioned by the Earth Federation, which was interested in exploring energon's usefulness to humanity but cautious in assimilating the Transformers into human affairs. This program would be kept from the public for several years before being abandoned during the Terrorcon invasion. Afterwards, sightings of Transformers would become urban legend. Cybertron City

Dr. Jones had rather ambiguous morals with regards to how he treats his son Kicker, who practically detests him. At times, Jones has treated Kicker more like a tool, innocently oblivious to Kicker's developmental needs.

No time for love (or whatever that is), Doctor Jones.

When Dr. Jones discovered Kicker's gift, he dragged his young son from world to world, wherever he expected to find energon deposits. Coupled with his traumatic trip to Cybertron, Kicker came to resent his father, though the elder Jones did upon occasion show concern and love for his son. The New Cybertron City

Dr. Jones later developed the Energon Tower, a series of defensive spires feeding off energon deposits on Earth that can generate a powerful, all-encompassing energon field grid, one that can destroy Terrorcon drones and severely damage Decepticons. A variant of this defensive weapon was later installed aboard his pride and joy, the Miranda II. Energon Tower

Unfortunately, his invention was later perverted for use by the Decepticons when they managed to capture Cybertron and refitted the towers defending the planet to output toxic energon gas, which was highly damaging to Autobots and Autobot technology. This served as the Decepticons' main defense for much of the war.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Dreamwave comics continuity


Scientifically dull surprise.

Dr. Jones was a special consultant for Alterenergy, an alternative fuel company located in Western Australia. When Terrorcons raided Earth in search of Energon, they targeted his son Kicker, who could detect Energon with his mind. He sent one of his employees, Rad, to rescue him.

However, Kicker was instead scooped up by one of the protesters outside the Alterenergy mobile command center. Rad then fumbled the rescue and Kicker was kidnapped by the Terrorcons. After the Autobots arrived, Dr. Jones had them bring Kicker a battle suit to wear so that he would be protected.

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