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Dovin Basal


Planet of origin

In the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy

Skin color



Ability to generate gravitational fields

Dovin basals were strange creatures used by the Yuuzhan Vong. Usually housed in the neuroengine of a Yuuzhan Vong ship, they were used for propulsion, defense, and a variety of other purposes.



Spherical creatures of varying size, dovin basals were able to generate powerful gravitational fields that were used mainly as propulsion devices and shields. They were capable of creating micro-black holes that could absorb laser shots at spacecraft, as well as almost anything else, from proton torpedoes to concussion missiles. They could also be used to interdict hyperspace travel. Groups of dovin basals were capable of generating Inhibition fields which served as a type of force field to trap enemies in certain areas.

Dovin basals could also dramatically drain deflector shields from nearby enemy craft. However an effective countering to the shield draining came with traditional New Republic ingenuity. By expanding the sphere of the inertial compensator to thirteen meters, it would protect the shields like it would protect against any other stress on the craft. However, if enough dovin basals locked their gravity beams onto the shields, the inertial compensator would expend too much energy, tearing the craft to shreds.

Dovin Basals were grown in the company of yammosks. A yammosk would bond with the dovin basals to which it was assigned as it would its children; a well-kept yammosk produced faster dovin basals. The dovin basals used to propel ships were telepathically linked to the yammosk, which would propel the craft to keep its children from harm. It was noted that the Yuuzhan Vong's navigational system was based on their gravitational technology with each vessel possessing a unique gravitic voice that was much like a thumbprint in that each ships gravitic signature was different.

Some Yuuzhan Vong vessels also contained a Keeper which held a powerful dovin basal which was to counteract the tactics of the inhabitants of the Promised Land which involved pouring intense firepower to weaken the gravitic organisms. The Keepers were well protected and had an especially large dovin basal attach to a larger warship to act as its shielding and protection system.

Furthermore, they could be used as weapons against planets: a powerful dovin basal dropped on the surface of a planet could target a moon to slow it's orbit and cause it to crash on the planet, decimating both, in a tactic known as Yo'gand's Core. Another tactic involved the insertion of planetary shielding teams who were deployed onto a world with a dovin basal. Rather then use this dovin basal to bring a planet's moon crashing onto its surface, it was instead used to sweep the planetary orbit of defense platforms.

Dovin basal mines were used extensively as an interdiction tool and was a used throughout the Yuuzhan Vong War. The organisms gravitic nature meant that they were just as easily able to move about space and enter a battlefield where they could be commanded to strip the shields of enemy ships.

Related species

One type of subspecies of dovin basal were used as a jamming tool. These star shaped freckles were seeded onto infidel ships in the Promised Land where they created gravitic distortions that prevented the enemy from sending any transmissions as they were sucked into a black hole.

Master Shaper Nen Yim created a special breed of dovin basals which she installed on a captured Zonama Sekotan ship. This species were a prototype for a new type of dovin basal which were capable of collapsing gravity disturbances like those generated by an Interdictor.

Singularity mines were a small type of dovin basal used as mines that created a small quantum singularity to consume objects around it.

Mabugat kan were a species that were bred from dovin basals.


Dovin basals were first used as a devastating weapon on the planet Ygziir in the Yuuzhan Vong home galaxy, by the ancient Warmaster Yo'gand during the Cremlevian War. They were later used to power the exodus of the Yuuzhan Vong Worldships from their home galaxy to their Promised Land.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the alien invaders used the tactic against Sernpidal through its moon Dobido, and Kalarba through the orbiting Hosk Station and its living moon Indobok. The dovin basals proved to be a potent weapon of the Yuuzhan Vong as they were used to strip enemy ships of their shields until the New Republic developed means to compensate for this advantage.

The planet Tynna was an ideal location for dovin basal growth, and its crystal blue waters were degraded to a sickly pale yellow by the Yuuzhan Vong while the native Tynnan stood by in fear. This allowed the Yuuzhan Vong Empire to grow dovin basals of suitable size for the conquest of Coruscant and to take out the planetary shield.

During the conquest of Borleias, the Yuuzhan Vong deployed a planetary shield team onto its surface in order to place a large dovin basal on the planet's moon which was used to sweep away the orbiting defenses.

The Yuuzhan Vong also began the process of seeding hyperspace routes with dovin basal interdictor mines which were programmed to bring infidel ships out of hyperspace. They were also covertly used to map the gravitic signature of Yuuzhan Vong ships and report them to the Warmaster.

Qelah Kwaad was also involved in the use of merging dovin basals with that of a navigational drone which were used to disrupt the infidel use of the HoloNet by destroying the transceiver stations.

After the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, all surviving dovin basals reverted to their pre-engineered forms on Zonama Sekot and melded with the planet's environment.



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