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Series: The Original Series, No. 24
Writer(s): Diane Duane
Penciller(s): Tom Sutton
Inker(s): Ricardo Villagran
Colorist(s): Michele Wolfman
Letterer(s): Agustin Mas
Editor(s): Robert Greenberger
Publication information
Publisher: DC Comics
Published: March 1986
Pages: 22
Omnibus: The Best of Star Trek
Date: 2285

With your kind permission, Admiral Kirk... We will now be taking over your ship!



A seemingly uneventful day aboard the USS Excelsior during a mapping mission in the space between the Sagittarius and Orion Arms turns into an unexpected first contact when an unknown vessel seemingly appears out of nowhere. Lieutenant Saavik determines that the ship does not use a Romulan cloaking device, is armed with conventional phasers, but possesses no shields that the sensors can detect. Soon, the unknown vessel demands the surrender of the Excelsior. Saavik informs Admiral Kirk that the unknown vessel's energy output is barely a tenth of the Excelsior's power. Armed with the knowledge of facing an inferior enemy, Kirk surrenders the ship over the objections of his crew.

A team of insectoid aliens board the ship with their leader announcing that the Excelsior intruded into the space of the Ajir Empire. The Ajir captain orders all of the Starfleet officers into the brig, mentioning that the ship will be taken to their home planet and held for ransom. When all of the officers finally walk into the cell, the Ajir captain asks which switch activates the force field. Kirk tells the alien leader the setting for Class Six prisoners, which allows the force field to be turned off from the inside. The boarding party leaves and Admiral Kirk orders Lieutenant Commander Sulu to jam the corridor and keep watch in case the boarding party returns. Lieutenant Commander Uhura confirms that junior officers are holding all major posts, including the conn, which is currently under the command of Lieutenant Naraht.

Naraht orders George Wilhelmsem, the relief communications officer, to sabotage the ship's universal translator. When the boarding party arrives on the bridge, no one can understand anyone else and Wilhelmsem shorts out the multistate equivocator, causing several bridge stations to severely malfunction. Frustrated, the aliens return to the brig and free the officers, ordering the officers to instruct them on ship operations. Kirk agrees and assigns his crew to assist the Ajir in learning ship functions. The officers deliberately make the learning process difficult, but eventually learn that the Ajir have no knowledge of how their ships operate, have no desire to fight, and are taught deception at a young age.

Kirk and the Ajir captain visit the bridge only to see the Ajir vessel destroyed by a party calling itself the Grond Protectorate.



James T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluNyota UhuraPavel ChekovSaavikCarverJanice KerasusKonomNaraht • Renner • George Wilhelmsem • Elizabeth Sherwood (n.d.) • Ajir captain & unnamed Ajir crew • unnamed USS Excelsior personnel

Starships and vehicles

USS Excelsior (Excelsior-class) • Ajir starship


Shipboard locations

USS Excelsior 
bridge • corridor • transporter roombrigshuttlebayengineeringsickbay • linguistics

Stellar regions

the galaxySagittarius ArmOrion Arm

Races and cultures

Human • Ajir • VulcanKlingonHorta
Referenced only 

States and organizations

FederationStarfleet • Ajir Empire • Grond Protectorate

Technology and weapons

starshipuniversal translatorwarp drivecomputercloaking deviceviewscreencommunicatorphaser • multistate equivicator • equilibriator • bearing lubricant

Ranks and titles

rear admiralcaptaincommanderlieutenant commanderlieutenantlieutenant junior gradeensignexecutive officercommanding officercommunications officersecurity chiefchief engineerhelmsmannavigatorlinguisttransporter chief

Other references

energy • gigadyne • boarding party • weaponplanetspacered alertcommunications • Day of Farf • Great Bird of the Galaxy



  • This is the second part of the "Double Blind" storyline. For whatever reason, the this installment was titled "Double Blind, Part One" (with the number spelled out), but the next part was titled "Double Blind, Part II" (with a Roman numeral).
  • The letter column reveals that Giri's author was Laurie Sutton using the pseudonym of Wennonah Woods.
  • The first letter of the letter column is a public thank you from Wolf on the Prowl author Tony Isabella to a group of Ohio fans.



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