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The most common type of door seen in the Halo games.

Doors are movable barriers used to cover up openings; typically, such barriers are attached to the very openings they block. They are used by virtually all factions in the Halo universe.



Like all technology created by the various factions of the Halo Universe, the doors they create for various purposes represent their general design styles in many ways.


The Covenant frequently use curves as well as bright purples, blues, and grays in the design of their technology; everything from weapons to cities. The doors incorporate the curves and colors standard to Covenant design, most notably in High Charity. While many doors throughout the halo universe have indicator lights and work by sliding in and out of the walls, only the doors in High Charity that flash when the player gets close and emit a tone.


Human technology for doors has progressed since the modern era. While most doors today are based on a hinge system, the doors seen on Earth are exclusively sliding, either opened by proximity or a switch located on the door itself. Like most human technology applied to everything from roads to space faring military vessels, the design is simple and geometric (with some discrepancies) with straight lines and angles, and involves blacks, grays, and browns. Most doors have a light on them that is either green to indicate that it is open or can be opened, or red to indicate that it is locked.


Doors built by the Forerunners are completely geometric and incorporate the similar light grays, browns, and blues of the rest of their technology. The doors themselves are geometric and often slide in multiple parts. They also have complex and geometric designs on them, it is often patterned. This same trend can be seen on floors of Forerunner structures.


Doors built by the Flood have only been observed in the levels Cortana and Isolation. While the Flood do not have what we consider conventional architecture, they build their structures out of biomass they have consumed. Their doors, called Portas, are built from biomass of infected hosts, and resemble valves like those in the heart. They open based on proximity. While the sections of the door itself retract, the circular frame of the door contracts at the same time, this effect was most likely added by Bungie to make the player feel as if they were playing inside a living thing during the level, and add effect to the level.



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From Lostpedia

The Door
[[{{{Video}}}|Orientation Video]]
First seen
"Three Minutes" (flashback)
Constructed by
Controlled by
Discovered by
Door redirects here. For the hidden door in Ben's house see Ben's secret door..

The Door is the fan name given to a set of two metal doors, with a DHARMA Initiative logo on them, seen in the episodes "Three Minutes" and "Live Together, Die Alone". The Door is located below a remarkable rock formation next to the coast and was thought to be the entrance to another DHARMA Initiative station. Yet, when the Door was later opened by Sayid (see list of station explorers), he discovered that there was only solid rock wall behind it. While the Door was used as part of a deception by the Others against Michael, its original purpose, if it even had one, is unknown. The Door was first seen by Michael when he was kidnapped by the Others and brought to the decoy village. At that time it was guarded by two armed Others.


Decoy village

Main article: Decoy village

The Door is located within the Others' decoy village. Michael was held here for several days after being kidnapped by the Others. When Sayid entered the village however, he discovered it was abandoned. It was believed that the door was an abandoned DHARMA Initiative station that construction began on, but was not completed because of flooding. This is based off the blast door map.


Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Sayid "Live Together, Die Alone" "Live Together, Die Alone" Visited the station, and was the only person shown to open the doors, only to find a rock wall behind them.


Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: The Door/Theories
  • Who constructed The Door and what is its purpose?

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

"Gate" redirects here. For the gateway through which many universes could commune, see World Gate.
"Trapdoor" redirects here. For the feature that players can construct in the throne room of their houses, see Trapdoor (POH).
The entrance to the Tree Gnome Stronghold is a large gate, which behaves like an unlocked door.
The minimap (and world map) shows doors as red marks in the white lines that represent walls.

A Door or a Gate is an entrance (or exit) in a wall or fence, which sometimes acts as a passage through a physical boundary. It could be an entrance into a city, into a building, into a room, or into a field (especially when outdoors). The names of particular doors or gates may include an adjective or other qualifier. For example, the guards' entrance to the Black Knights' Fortress is marked by a sturdy door.

The buildings in Al Kharid and the Kharidian Desert have a curtain that serves in place of a door. A Trapdoor is a similar concept, except that it allows passage vertically downwards from one story to another. It always has a ladder, a staircase, steps or a rope below to allow passage back up again.

Walls appear as white lines on the minimap and the world map, with doors represented by red markers. Players can pass through an open door simply by left-clicking on a location or object on the other side of it, either in the main playing area or on the minimap. See Game controls for more information on moving around and on using less-common pointing devices. The character will walk through the doorway as it is no obstacle at all.

A closed door acts as a physical boundary. If it is unlocked, players can open it simply by left-clicking on it. Characters will not open a door automatically, and open doors may close after 300 seconds. This behaviour may be found annoying by players wishing to traverse areas with doors, but it is presumably to discourage macros that move the character around automatically.

Some doors are locked, but players can often unlock them via the Thieving skill. For example, the entrance to the H.A.M. Dungeon is marked by a locked trapdoor. Players must pick the lock in order to gain access. A lockpick may be useful or even necessary to unlock some doors in this way. Some locked doors can only be unlocked with a key, usually as part of a quest.

Players can close an open door by left-clicking on it (notice that the door itself must be clicked on, not the doorway). This can be used to prevent other players or monsters from getting out of a room, effectively trapping them inside. In the past, this could be done maliciously, for example to trap a player in a room with dangerous random events like the evil chicken or a shade, although the discontinuation of those dangerous events makes that no longer a problem.

After many complaints from players, any given player can only close a door up to five times in quick succession. After this, they will be greeted with the message: "The door seems to be stuck." There is an exception to every rule, and the same goes in RuneScape; the door to the spinning wheel in Lumbridge castle can be closed a numerous amount of times with no yield; beware of going AFK while at the Lumbridge castle spinning wheel, you might just come back to find yourself dead. However, some doors, such as the doors in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and in all banks, cannot be closed by players to avoid locking players out.


  • If a player tries to light a fire in front of a closed door, a message "You can't light a fire here." will appear. However, if the door is open, the player is not restricted from lighting a fire in front of it.
A door appearing both open and closed.
  • There is a glitch in which certain doors will sometimes appear both open and closed at the same time. If the door is supposed to be open, it may appear as though players are walking through a closed door. This appears most often at the Catherby range or other places where a high number of players are entering a room.
  • There is a glitch with the eastern door at the Lumbridge general store. Although players may enter through it, it is impossible to walk out the door; players must use Run in order to get through (It has now been fixed).
  • Some doors in the ground floor of the Wizards' Tower are at an angle which crosses over a square. If a player stands in the doorway and another player closes it, the player in the doorway has the door passing through them. They can then walk out of either side of the door.
  • On White Wolf Mountain, there is a trapdoor on the northern-most side that when you examine it, it says "Don't you open that trapdoor!" This is a line of a song taken from The Trap Door, a kids' cartoon.
  • There seems to be a glitch when the Lumbridge Home Teleport spell is cast. When the character is drawing the circle, then quickly opens a closed door in direct vicinity, the character will freeze for a moment, and the door will be open, even though the character has not yet turned to open it.

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From TibiaWiki

A door is a way to go through a wall. Only players can open and close doors. But some of them are locked, and maybe a key will open them.

Some doors are actually Gates of Expertise, and have certain requirements to be opened.

Other mysterious doors are ones that say "The door seems to be sealed against unwanted intruders." These doors are involved in various quests, and cannot be opened until you have either started or completed the quest for that particular door.

Many doors have mailboxes behind them, and can only be opened once you have completed the Postman Quest.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Door
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Normal Image:Normal.png
Card Lore: At your opponent's draw phase you can activate this card, take the card he draws and do not look at it just place it out of play for 5 turns then look at it show it to the owner if it is a monster card return it to the owner's deck then shuffle the deck if not place it in the owner's hand, this card cannot be played with for 10 more turns.
Card Limit: Limited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names

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