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Artist: Exampl

Date Released: End of 2007

Label: SB Records

Length: TBA

Produced By: Exampl



Exampl has stated that his new LP, "Doomsday" will be released sometime the end of '07. He has said that this is more of a solo project than anything he has done. Everything on this is him. Nobody else. Alot of people are thinking the album will flop due to lack of guest appearances but Exampl is sticking with his high-hopes.

Exampl has already started work on the project and hopes to get done with it before Fall, but he's not making any promises.

"I've done alot this year. In Progress, Rough Draft, More Fire Than Hell and I even got alot of work on AJG's new mixtape, Show Me My Opponent, so I'm basically feeling invincible, in a sense. I'm not really gonna go jump off a building or shoot myself in the head, c'mon now that's crazy talk...okay maybe I could shoot myself in the head and live to tell about it but jumping off a building, nah! That could never happen!"

Rumored Tracks

  • "I'll Be Back" (feat. Arnold Schwarznegger)

Previous Album

More Fire Than Hell

Next Album

An Arsonal

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Dr Who

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File:Doomsday (Doctor Who).jpg
Series: Doctor Who -
TV Stories
Series Number: Series 2
Story Number: 177b
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Setting: London, 2007
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Graeme Harper
Producer: Phil Collinson
Broadcast: 8th July 2006
Format: 1x45 minute episode
Prod. Code: 2.13
Previous Story: Army of Ghosts
Following Story: The Runaway Bride
"Cybermen plus Daleks. Together we could upgrade the universe."



As two mighty armies clash, the Doctor realises that saving the Earth might mean losing the love of his life: Rose...


Dr. Singh, Mickey Smith and Rose Tyler are trapped in a sealed room within Torchwood Tower as the four Daleks who have emerged from the void ship approach them, with a vaguely Dalek-shaped artifact following. As they cry out their intent to exterminate, Rose surprises them by calling out their name. She approaches the black Dalek and offers to tell them how she knows about the Daleks and the Time War if they keep them alive, with Mickey and Mr. Singh playing along. The black Dalek decides that they are necessary and asks about the status of the artifact — which it calls the Genesis Ark. It orders the awakening to begin and declares that the Ark must be protected above all else.

The black Dalek "Sec" then asks which one of the three is least important. Rose refuses to answer, but Dr Singh volunteers, knowing he is of no importance compared to the two time travellers. They ask him to kneel down and say they need to know everything they can. Dr Singh begins to respond but they say that speech is not required. All four Daleks place their plungers around his skull and stretch his brain. A few minutes later, his mutilated corpse drops to the floor. Rose and Mickey are horrified to see the Daleks do this but they only reply that he was of no use to them alive.

The Cybermen hold Jackie, Yvonne, and the Doctor hostage. The Cyber-Leader demands to speak to the world leader. Yvonne tells the leader they don't have one, and the Cyber-Leader tells her they have one now. It interrupts all television to make a message in which it promises to convert all humans into Cybermen. There appears to be Cybermen in every home on Earth, and Cybermen are said to be on every landmass. However, despite the call for surrender, the British Army mobilises and soon fighting & fire have spread across the whole of London (and by implication other places as well), with both sides taking losses. The Cyber-Leader is confused that humanity hasn't surrendered, while the Doctor snarls that "you're on every street, you're in every home, you've got their children! Of course they're gonna fight!"

The Cybermen then notice other lifeforms in the building and two are sent down to the Void Room to investigate. At the same time, the Daleks notice lifeform readings and send Dalek "Thay" to investigate. The Cybermen and the Dalek meet in the corridor outside the Void Room. The Doctor, Jackie, Rose and Mickey can see them both through video transmissions and the Doctor is visibly stunned to see the Dalek.

The Cybermen ask that the Daleks identify themselves and the Daleks demand the same. Neither comply and there is a stand-off, which Mickey describes as "Stephen Hawking vs. The Speaking Clock". The Daleks accidentally slip up with Thay saying that "Daleks do not take orders", but recognize the Cybermen from a previously unseen event, comparing them to their own universe's Cybermen. The Cybermen and the Daleks exchange insults until the Cybermen offer to upgrade the Daleks and overtake Earth, and eventually the universe, together. The Dalek rufuses and kills the two Cybermen. The Cyber-Leader speaks to "Dalek Sec" and tells him that this is war, however the Dalek is not frightened, explaining that it is "pest control", stating that, whilst there are only 4 Daleks against the 5,000,000 Cybermen, the latter would be destroyed with only one Dalek.

After a brief conversation with the Doctor about Rose's safety, Jackie is dragged away to be upgraded along with Yvonne Hartman. The Doctor promises he will save Jackie, and get her out alive before she is taken away. The Cyber Leader comments on how the Time Lord is proof of how emotions weaken humans. The Doctor replies by saying he still feels hope, and in that instant a team with guns suddenly appears and destroys all Cybermen in the Breach Room. The leader reveals himself to be Jake Simmonds. The Doctor is shocked to see him here, since he is from a parallel universe.

The Cybermen sense that the Cyber-Leader has been terminated and begin to download his files into another Cyberman unit. This gives Jackie the chance to escape down the stairwell.

Meanwhile, the Doctor tells Jake that they cannot just hop from one universe to another. Jake shows the Doctor the disc-shaped devices they developed with their world's version of Torchwood, and before the Doctor can stop him, Jake transports the two of them. Jake explains that they found out what the parallel Torchwood was doing and the People's Republic took control. As the Doctor asks Jake to take him back, Pete Tyler steps out of the shadows, telling the Doctor that this is their world and for once, he is going to listen.

Pete explains that they tried sealing up the Cybermen in the factories, but other people argued that the Cybermen were still people and needed help. As the debate went on, the Cybermen infiltrated the parallel Torchwood, found the Doctor's universe and vanished. The sheer mass of five million Cybermen is why it took them three years to cross while individuals could pop across in a second.

Pete shows off his world, where Great Britain is apparently enjoying a Golden Age, and where Harriet Jones is President. However, ambient temperatures are rising and the ice caps are melting. Pete correctly surmises that it has to do with the breach; the Doctor confirms that every time someone crosses over damage is done, and if it keeps up both worlds will fall into the Void. Pete believes the Doctor can close the breach, but when the Doctor says that doing so will leave the Cybermen on his world, Pete replies that he is only interested in protecting his Earth. The Doctor points out there is a parallel Jackie who is still alive but Pete says that there are more important things at stake and asks the Doctor to help them. Seeing Pete's faith in him, the Doctor agrees to help.

The Doctor, Pete and Jake cross back. The Doctor calls up Jackie on her mobile phone, telling her to keep a low profile in the stairwell. The Doctor takes Jake's rifle and modifies it so it can affect polycarbide: the skin of a Dalek. He then surrenders to the Cybermen and the two sides work together.

The black Dalek demands that Rose activate the Ark, threatening Mickey's life. Rose steps forward to do so, but gleefully tells the Daleks how she met the Dalek Emperor and used the time vortex to turn him to dust. The furious black Dalek is about to exterminate her for this when the Doctor appears in the doorway.

The black Dalek asks how the Doctor survived the Time War. The Doctor says that he did that by fighting on the front lines, whereas these Daleks fled. Rose tells the Doctor that these Daleks have names, a fact which the Daleks confirm by declaring each of their names respectively: Dalek Thay, Dalek Sec, Dalek Jast, and Dalek Caan. The Doctor realises that these four Daleks are members of the Cult of Skaro, a secret order above even the Emperor. The Cult's purpose was to think as the enemy thinks, to find new ways of killing, including daring to take on individual identities. When Mickey asks the Doctor about the Genesis Ark, the Doctor replies that he does not know what it does; both sides had secrets.

The Black Dalek Dalek Sec gloats that Time Lord science will ensure the supremacy of the Daleks, and orders the Doctor to open the Ark. The Doctor laughs off the suggestion and produces his sonic screwdriver. He explains that, while it cannot kill, wound, or maim, it is very good for opening doors, a fact he demonstrates by using it to open explosively all the doors leading into the sphere chamber. Jake's squad, side by side with Cybermen, enter and open fire on the Daleks using the modified energy rifles, temporarily disrupting the Daleks' shields and weapons, giving the Doctor and the humans time to escape. However, the Daleks quickly regain control of their weapons. The Cybermen are still no match for the Daleks and are all swiftly exterminated. As the Doctor and the humans rush out of the chamber, Mickey is knocked into the Ark by a damaged Cyberman and his hand presses against its surface. The Ark is primed, steam gushing from the bottom vents, but Dalek Sec says that it needs a space of thirty square miles to activate. The Daleks begin to escort it out of the chamber.

The Doctor and the humans retreat towards the stairwell. Mickey apologises for his slip-up, but the Doctor tells him that he did them a favour because the Daleks would have destroyed the Sun in an attempt to open the Ark.

Meanwhile, Jackie is found by two Cybermen who lurch forward to capture her for upgrading. However, the Cybermen are shot from behind by Pete, with the Doctor, Rose and Mickey following him. Jackie and Pete see each other for the first time and have an awkward exchange as their parallel counterparts are dead. Although Pete tries to rationalise that Jackie is not really his wife, the two end up running into each other's arms and embracing.

The Daleks and the Ark move into the Torchwood storage area, battling another force of Cybermen. Some human soldiers break in and add to the chaos. The Doctor stumbles into the area as well, grabbing two Magna-Clamps before leaving. As the Daleks blast their way through all opposition, the new Cyber-Leader calls for reinforcements. Sec opens the roof, and elevates upward with the Ark. As the Doctor and the others watch, the Ark opens above London and starts spinning, disgorging Dalek after Dalek. The Doctor realises that the "Time Lord science" Sec referred to was the fact that the Ark is bigger inside than outside: the Ark is a prison ship, containing millions of Daleks. As hundreds of Daleks line up in aerial formation, Sec orders them to exterminate all life forms below. The Daleks and Cybermen begin fighting all over the planet, with humans caught in the crossfire.

Pete believes the situation to be hopeless, and prepares to escape back to his world while offering to take Jackie along with him. The Doctor, however, is more optimistic. Wearing his 3-D glasses, he explains that it allows him to see that everything that has crossed the Void between universes has picked up background radiation from it: "Void stuff". Since the Daleks and Cybermen have been hiding in the void, they will be saturated in it and will be pulled back into the Void if he re-opens the rift then seals it again.

Rose, however, points out that they are covered in "Void stuff" too. The Doctor explains that he will open the breach here, but if Rose and the others go back to Pete's world, they will be safe. The Doctor will hang on to the magnetic clamps so he will not be pulled in. Rose realises that if the breach seals she will never be able to return, and refuses to leave the Doctor despite the prospect of never seeing her mother again. While Rose and Jackie argue about who is leaving, the Doctor and Pete slip the devices around their necks and Pete transports them all across. However, Rose reactivates her device and returns, telling the Doctor she will never leave him.

Rose sets all the coordinates on the Void controls to six on the Doctor's instructions. As the Cybermen climb the stairs, intending to escape back to the parallel Earth, they are met by a Cyberman with a female-sounding voice, that of Yvonne Hartman. She declares that they shall not pass and shoots them with an energy rifle. As she repeats that she did her duty for Queen and country, a tear of oil leaks from the duct below her left eye.

The Doctor and Rose fix the magnetic clamps on the walls. They pull the levers, activating the breach then hold on tightly to the clamps. Outside, millions of Daleks, including the Ark, are drawn towards Torchwood Tower and are rapidly sucked into the breach as the Cybermen are also pulled upward into the sky. However, Sec (along with the rest of the Cult) initiates an "emergency temporal shift" and vanishes.

The power lever on Rose's side begins to shift to the off-line position, threatening to abort the process. Unable to reach her lever while still holding on, Rose lets go of her clamp to do so. She pushes the lever back up and power is restored, but Rose is left clinging on as the void tries to consume her. The Doctor yells at her to hold on.

As the last of the Daleks fall into the breach, Rose can no longer hold on and lets go, flying towards oblivion. The Doctor screams in anguish, but at the last moment, Pete materialises in front of the breach, grabs Rose, and vanishes again. The breach ripples, and seals itself. On the parallel world, Rose beats the wall, sobbing hysterically as Pete notes that his device no longer works. On both sides of the breach, the Doctor and Rose lean against the wall, resting their cheeks against it for a moment as if sensing the other's presence. The Doctor then walks away sadly, alone.

Some time later, Rose has a dream where she hears the Doctor's voice calling her. Rose, Jackie, Pete and Mickey follow the voice to fifty miles outside Bergen, Norway, on the coastline of Dålig Ulv Stranden roughly translated to Bad Wolf Bay. There, an image of the Doctor appears; he tells her that he found the last of the breaches, and is transmitting the signal by using the TARDIS to harness the power of a supernova, commenting that he is burning up a sun to say good-bye. Rose tells him that he looks like a ghost, and the Doctor increases the image of himself to maximum projection — making it look as if he is really standing there, but he regretfully tells Rose that he is still just an image, and that she cannot touch him. With only two minutes left, the two share their final farewell. Rose tells the Doctor that her mother is three months pregnant. At first, Rose jokes that she is now back working as a shop girl, but then reveals that she is with the parallel Torchwood, which has re-opened, as they could use her expertise with aliens. The Doctor smiles proudly and says, "Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth."

The Doctor tells Rose that she is officially listed among those that died on that day. Rose tearfully asks the Doctor if she will ever see him again, and the Doctor replies regretfully, "You can't." Breaking down, Rose asks what the Doctor will do, and he says he will go on, alone. Weeping, Rose tells the Doctor she loves him. As it is his last chance to do so, he begins to reply, "Rose Tyler..." but his image fades. Rose, still in tears, turns and runs back into Jackie's arms.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor stands for a minute, lips still parted. about to mouth the word 'I' a single tear rolls down each cheek. He regretfully starts to work the console. Suddenly, he looks up to see a woman in a wedding dress standing in the console room. Dumbfounded, all the Doctor can repeat is "What?" as the bride demands sharply that he tell her where she is...



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Story Notes

  • The working title for this episode was Torchwood Falls.
  • Julie Gardner, Executive producer for the new series, said that the Doctor was going to "say it back".
  • Besides resonating throughout Series 3 and into Series 4, the events of Doomsday, or specifically Rose's fate, would be referenced in two original songs related to the series: the extended version of "Song for Ten" recorded for the Series 1 and 2 soundtrack album, and "Love Don't Roam", which would be introduced during the next episode, The Runaway Bride.
  • According to commentaries and discussion on the Series 2 DVD release, secrecy was very tight surrounding the filming of the two final scenes of the episode. According to Tennant and Davies, only Tennant and Piper were given the script for their farewell scene in advance, with the director receiving his copy soon before filming. According to Tennant, the filming of the Catherine Tate cameo was a rare example of a surprise being kept without getting spoiled; the scene was shot with minimal crew while the rest of the production team were having their wrap party. As such, the Tate scenes were actually shot long after the Doctor and Rose's farewell scene, which was filmed during and earlier production block.
  • At this point, Tate's character is identified only as "The Bride". She wouldn't be officially identified by the name Donna Noble until months later as publicity for the Christmas special began to circulate.
  • So far this is the only finale of the revival to not involve Jack Harkness.
  • This story is marked by one of the few attempts in the television series, modern or classic, to introduce humourous elements to the Daleks; Dalek Sec is uncharacteristically witty for a Dalek, a fact explained in-universe by the special status of the Cult of Skaro. It tells the Cyberleader, 'you are superior to us in only one are better at dying'. Other examples of humour in Dalek stories can be found in The Chase and Destiny of the Daleks.
  • When the episode first aired, there was wide fan speculation indicating that the Genesis Ark may contain Davros.
  • When Rose and the Doctor put their heads against the wall, as if listening for each other, it is very similar to the way the wolf and the Doctor listened to each other through the door in Tooth and Claw. 


  • 8.22 million


  • This is the first Doctor Who episode in which both the Cybermen and Daleks appeared together. While it is true that this is the first episode in which they have interacted, there have been several episodes in which Cybermen and Daleks have appeared separately, most notably The Five Doctors (the only other story in which both races were physically present and functioning). The Ninth Doctor found the head of a Cyberman during the events of Dalek, and the Doctor conjured up images of both Cybermen and Daleks during his trial before the Time Lords in The War Games.

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • The fires outside London are not present when the Daleks fly out of the Genesis Ark.
  • The Daleks tumble into the Void, but why aren't the Cybermen seen flying into the Void with the Daleks? The Daleks came through the main breach, but the Cybermen came through the cracks, thus, they returned the same way they came. Also there was one scene of Cybermen being sucked into the air
  • When Rose was about to fall in when Pete rescued her, wouldn't he have been sucked in? He can't have been that quick to teleport. Pete would not have been exposed to as much of the Void stuff as he had only been transported across the void about 3 times, compared with the Daleks and the Cybermen who had spent years crossing the void and would be completely coated in the void radiation. Also it is possible that the technology was that quick.
  • How would he have known when and where to teleport to grab her or that she even needed saving? He didn't need to know where to teleport as the teleporter goes to the same spot in the other world, and he caught her on instinct/reflex.
  • The TARDIS has also travelled through the Void, but wasn't affected when the Daleks and the Cybermen got sucked in. As shown in DW: The Stolen Earth the TARDIS will remain fixed to a single position and so would not be moved.
  • The Teleports only carry one so how is Pete able to save Rose by teleporting him and her out with just one teleport? Rose took her teleport off not long after returning to the Doctor. Pete had another teleport in his hand, plus the one around his neck that he takes off after the breach closes.
  • If the Doctor can speak so many languages, why doesn't he understand the Norwegian name of the beach on which he talks to Rose? . Dålig Ulv Stranden actually translates into The Bad Wolf Beach, with the definite article belonging to the word Beach also, "Dålig" does not mean bad as in evil, but bad as in "Bad judgement". Perhaps hearing the word "Dålig" (which is sol close phonetically to "Dalek") distracts him for a moment, till Rose explains.  Also, Rose doesn't actually know Norwegian, she just learned the meaning of the phrase antecdotally, so there was no underlying understanding of language in her speech for the TARDIS to translate.
  • Why does the Cyber-Leader think Dalek and Cyber technology is compatible? How and why does it know this? The Cyber-Leader, most likely, does not know this. But it can be assumed that both of the technologies could have been sufficiantly modified to make them compatable using the combined genius of both the Daleks and the Cybermen.
  • In the ending scene after the Doctor has faded and Rose is hugging her mum, if you look at the back wheel of the jeep in the background a foot steps out from behind the wheel and then steps back.
  • Although great pains were taken to keep David Tennant's hair from blowing in the wind during the last scene (since he's supposed to only be a projection), you can still see his hair moving slightly.
  • How is it that the Daleks notice Rose's heartbeat increasing but not her phone going off? At the time the Doctor calls her the Daleks are preoccupied with the Cybermen, however when Rose sees the Doctor on the screen she also moves slightly and so could have caught the Daleks' attention
  • If the void sucks in all things that have travelled between parallel universes, then why were the Cybermen that were made on the "real" Earth and have not travelled between different parallel universes get sucked in? They weren't - see NSA: Made of Steel, TW: Cyberwoman)
  • What happened to the Void ship? Did it stay on Earth or get sucked back into the void in which case the Daleks and/or Cybermen could use it to escape again? The ship was conspicuously full of "Void stuff" all around, so it should have been sucked away too. Particularly, the Daleks (which were even deeper inside the Genesis Ark) were inside it and all they were sucked up.
  • When Dalek sec is about to use his emergency temporal shift, he is not getting sucked into the void.There was most likely enough time for him to use his temporal shift and the void appears as a progressive force see futher down.
  • One of the Cyberman that alerts the Cyber-leader of the "Unknown technology", the Cybus "C" on its chest is on backwards. The Cybermen may have, in response to the Dalek threat, sped up the converting process, thus causing errors and glitches in the process. This would also explain how Yvonne Hartman was still in control of her own mind, despite having seemingly been completely converted.
  • How is Rose able to push back the lever when she is being pulling towards the breach? Surely the lever would not protect her at all. The pull of the void appears to be a progressive force. First it pulls partially, and then after taking hold it whips you in like a stretched rubber band being released, which you can see when you look carefully at how the Daleks and Cybermen were pulled in.
  • How can the Daleks realise that the Doctor is a threat but not know who he is? The Daleks have not seen the Doctor in his tenth regeneration at this point, therefore they do not immediately realise who he is. However, they were able to tell that he was a Time Lord, and therefore, a threat.
  • How does the Doctor know 'hope' is going to come with Jake's return? Perhaps he can see the breach showing signs of something travelling through the void?  But more like he didn't...because that would be "knowledge" not "hope".  The Doctor spoke of "hope" because he didn't know how he would escape certain death but had "hope" that "something" would intervene...and he was right. He said hope becasue a deleted part of the script was the Doctor and the CyberLeader talking about emotions.
  • Why did the Cybermen not use the Electro-attack on the Daleks because that might have been able to destroy them, thus placing the Daleks/Cybermen on even terms. There is a section in Doctor Who: Battles in Time called "Dalek Wars" which shows details about Dalek battles one of them shows the battle of Canary Wharf and a picture shows a Cybermen ambushing a Dalek and using Electro-attack to rip its head off.
  • How did Rose know that she had used the Time Vortex at the Heart of the TARDIS to destroy the Dalek Emperor? She didn't remember anything at the end of DW: The Parting of the Ways. There was ample opportunity over the course of the intervening season for the Doctor to explain anything which Rose may have forgotten, which is likely as she may of questioned why he had to change further.
  • Why did the Doctor say that Jake's gun would work on the Daleks when it didn't? He said it would work. He never said it would kill them. The Cult of Skaro may have had more advanced casing than original Daleks than the Doctor realised
  • When Jackie meets Pete she tells him that she never left the flat, but in DW: Father's Day when Pete died they were living in a house. They weren't living in a house, it was the same flat that Jackie and Rose lived in. Look at the layout of the place - it's exactly the same.
  • The Doctor tells Mickey that if the Cult of Skaro tried to open the Genesis Ark by force they would have destroyed the sun. How could he possibly know this with no knowledge of the Genesis Ark or the technology available to the Daleks? He may be aware of the device, but not know what it looks like. Alternatively, he could just be attempting to make Mickey feel better so that he doesn't break down thinking he had destroyed the world. Alternatively and most likely the Doctor knows the Daleks of old and also knows the extremes they go to in order to get to their goal.
  • When Donna arrives in the TARDIS, she finds Rose's top hanging on the rail, while in the scene at the end of this episode it is not there.
  • After the Preachers and the Cybermen attack the Daleks, they developed an immunity to Parallel-Universe Weapons, explaining how they got through the Cybermen army in Torchwood One so easily. However, when the millions of Daleks escape from the Genesis Ark, heavily-armed Cybermen emerge and are able to kill Daleks. But those weapons were also Parallel-Universe Weapons, so how could they have destroyed the Daleks? It was only the Cult of Skaro who developed an immunity.
  • The Doctor plans for Rose to go with Pete to his world along with Mickey and Jackie and leave him alone with his plan to send the daleks and cybermen back into the breach, so why does he bring two super magnets? If Rose was suppost to leave before he did it, then who was going to use the other one? He may have known 'deep down' Rose would have returned and not have left him - so had to plan if this happened, which it did.


  • Arcadia is mentioned in NA: Deceit.
  • Several companions have departed in Dalek stories; Susan (DW: The Dalek Invasion of Earth), Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright (DW: The Chase) and Tegan Jovanka (DW: Resurrection of the Daleks).
  • Rose now calls Pete Tyler "Dad".
  • There is a flashback sequence to the events of (DW: Dalek)
  • Rose refers to the events of DW: The Parting of the Ways.
  • Donna Noble (known as the Bride in the credits) appears at the end of this story, leading straight into DW: The Runaway Bride.
  • TW: Cyberwoman features a partially cyberconverted person who escape the events of this episode.
  • When Pete Tyler takes the Doctor to see his world, he mentions several things that could be vital to the plot of Series 4: Harriet Jones is President in that world, "Who's President now?". "A woman named Harriet Jones". "I'd keep an eye on her!" The reference to Harriet Jones leading a golden age in the parallel world directly correlates to the Doctor's earlier prediction of Harriet Jones leading three successive terms as a leader in Britain's Golden Age.

DVD Releases

Series 2 Volume 5 DVD Cover
  • This episode was released as a 'vanilla DVD' together with Army of Ghosts and Fear Her on 25th of September 2006.
  • This was also released as part of the Season 2 boxset. Due to scheduling decisions made by the show's Canadian broadcaster, the CBC, the North American release of the box set occurred several days before Doomsday was broadcast in that country.

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Doomsday (ジハード, Jihādo) is a recurring Dark-elemental spell in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy V

Only appearing in the Game Boy Advance version, Doomsday is a Dark Arts spell usable by the Necromancer. It costs 66 MP and is learned from defeating Hades.


Final Fantasy IX

Vivi Orunitia is the only party member that can use Doomsday, which is learned from his ultimate staff, Mace of Zeus. When cast, clusters of asteroids and meteoroids gather together in space to create one enormous meteor, which then slowly descends and enters the atmosphere, colliding with the enemy and the surrounding area. It does a large amount of Shadow damage to the enemies and party. Steiner can also use Doomsday as a Sword Magic technique, but the difference between Vivi's spell version and Steiner's Sword Magic version is that Vivi's targets both enemies and party members while Steiner only affects all enemies. In the Japanese version of the game, it was known as Jihad. A powerful combo would be to equip your entire party with items/armor which absorb shadow, allowing you to heal massive amounts of HP with every casting of Doomsday. It is learned for 150 AP and costs 72 MP to use.

Doomsday can also be used by Hades and the superboss Ozma, though Ozma can use it freely and much more often than Hades.

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Doomsday is the November pay-per-view for the Championship Wrestling Federation. Updates will be edited in as soon as possible.

Match Card

Match #1 – Unknown

  • When this match is revealed, it will be posted.

Match #2 – Unknown

  • When this match is revealed, it will be posted.

Match #3 – CWF Global Championship – Extreme Rules Deathmatch

Mr. Amazo (c) v.  ???

  • Mr. Amazo will defend his Global Championship, that much we do know. However, the Global Champion's opponent is unknown, as is the match stipulation.

Match #4 - CWF Tag Team Championships

The Hard Corps (Connor Murphy & AJ Cleary) © vs. The Untouchables (Kaeden & Johnny Gunn)

  • Kaeden and Gunn earned their shot by defeating The Force, Mr. Amazo and Nick Kang, in October in a number one contender's match. During that time, Connor Murphy has suffered a severe concussion and been attacked backstage by Shawn Fury and in a match by Mr. Amazo in consecutive weeks. Could this be the challengers' time, or can the Hard Corps retain?

Match #5 - CWF Television Championship

Shawn Fury (c) v. ???

  • Following his actions this month, attacking both Anthony Romeri and Connor Murphy, there's no shortage of men who want a piece of the Television Champion. However, Mr. Demonical was unable to reveal a challenger for Shawn Fury's title for Doomsday. With a World Title match already booked, what does this mean for the Black Dragon?

Match #6 – Submission Match

Dane West vs. Connor Murphy

  • Dane Wast has been haunted since Hellbound by the appearance of an individual in many of his matches. We learned recently that that individual is his own father, Mathias West. Mathias West has cost his son the number one contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship and a cage match with Joey Greco,

Match #7 - CWF Heavyweight Championship - Ladder Match

Joey Greco v. Shawn Fury v. Anthony Romeri

  • This match came about when Shawn Fury, out to prove he deserved to be in the World Title picture, attacked Connor Murphy and Anthony Romeri in consecutive weeks, both times ending the men's nights. Anthony Romeri was unable to defend his World Title the night Fury attacked him, and the new CWF Commissioner Mr. Demonical stripped the belt from Romeri and named Fury #1 contender, effectively making the match Greco v. Fury.
  • The following week, Romeri returned to say that not only was he fine, but he wanted his rematch the next week. Demonical refused his rematch, saying that there was no match to begin with. The CWF Board of Directors overturned this decision, however, and put Romeri in the Doomsday main event. Demonical followed that up by naming the match a ladder match, claiming Romeri was too old to handle a ladder match. But if that's the case and Fury already defends his Television Title earlier in the night, then the World Title seems to be Joey Greco's to lose.

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The Doomsday is a Decepticon spaceship in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
In another continuity, Superman lobotomizes it with his heat vision.

The Doomsday is the Decepticon flagship during the early centuries of the war over the Mini-Con robots.

(Note: The name Doomsday comes from the Japanese Micron Legend Year Book 2003; the ship was not named in the English dub. It was also likely unnamed in the Japanese dub of its appearance episode as well.)


Armada animated continuity


The Doomsday attempted to intercept the Mini-Con starship Exodus as it fled Cybertron. however, between it and the prize was the Autobot flagship Hyperion and a host of smaller fighter craft. Thus, the Mini-Cons escaped. It is unknown what became of the Doomsday since. First Encounter

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