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Doom, known as Death Sentence here, in Final Fantasy VII.
Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Doom, also known as Death Sentence, Condemned, or Count, is a status ailment that appears in most titles. It places a counter over the target's head, and when it reaches zero, the target dies. The speed at which the counter drops to zero depends on the target's speed. It may also refer to the spell or ability that inflicts it.

Doom can commonly be learned as Blue Magic and is automatically inflicted by the Cursed Ring in most games. Exactly how long the Doom timer lasts varies, but in many games it lasts 60 seconds, though in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 it lasts three rounds. A similar status condition is Gradual Petrify.




Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy VI

Doom is commonly applied through the Lore spell of the same name, though various other means can be applied to characters. The timer for Doom varies each use, as shown in the following formula. If the value for the formula is ever less than 20, the timer will always be set to 20. The timer will then decreases by 1 every 2 seconds.


Final Fantasy VII

Here, Doom is applied only through the Enemy Skill Death Sentence, which will automatically set the timer to 60 seconds (30 if the target is in Haste).

Final Fantasy VIII

Doom is a rare status, only inflicted through the use of the Doom ability, and lasts for around 16 seconds, despite the timer starting at 5.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy XIII

In a battle with an Eidolon, Doom is cast on the player at the beginning of the fight. The timer is set to 1800, and decreases about 10 every second.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Doom can be inflicted by various abilities, including those learned from the regular job classes such as Monk and Orator. Some boss and monster can doom the target as well. When doomed, a red counter bubble starting at 3 will appear upon the unit, which is exactly the same counter appears when the unit is K.O.ed. The counting speed of the counter is determined by the Speed of the unit itself. Faster (higher Speed) the unit is, the earlier the counter will reach zero. This status can be neglected by Reraise. When the remaining unit of one side is doomed, the battle will be immediately ended when the counter reaches 1 rather than waiting for the unit's defeated moment or the death scream. It should be noted that the game's A.I. will ignore the doomed enemy completely. That means when all of the allies are doomed, the enemy will do nothing at all.


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