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"I am more powerful then any Jedi, and soon I will be the most powerful Sith of all time."

Dooku was Palpatine's second apprentice. He led the Confederation of Independent Systems and fought during the Clone Wars. He was killed by Anakin Skywalker during the Second Battle of Coruscant.



"For eight decades I have studied the ways of the Force, combined with my knowledge of the dark side I will be be unstoppable."


"When I found him, old he was, perhaps too old."

Dooku was, like most other Jedi of his age, discovered to be Force-sensitive and taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training. He excelled as a youngling, overpowering anyone of his age, or even beyond. The Council quickly recognized his raw talent in the Force, and decided to give him a lightsaber.

At the age of 13, he was apprenticed to Grand Master Yoda and Master Thame Cerulian. Being two of the most experienced of all living Jedi, the Jedi Council had no doubt that Yoda and Thame would be good Masters for him. During the course of his training, Dooku disagreed with his masters on many things, most notably on lightsaber styles and techniques. However, they respected each other's opinions and did not argue against each other when it was unnecessary.

He wasn't even twenty-five when the title of Jedi Knight was bestowed upon him. No Padawan of Yoda's or Cerulian's had ever achieved the title sooner than Dooku. There have been talks within the Jedi Council that Dooku might be the Chosen One.

Jedi Knight

"He was one of the bravest Knights I ever knew, and perhaps the most troubled."
—Djinn Altiss


"For years I struggled on with the Jedi, knowing that they were arrogant, weak. I tried my best to change them but I soon realised it was impossible."

As a Jedi Knight, Dooku's personality had a sudden change. He gradually became disillusioned by the strict disciple of the Jedi Code and did not hesitate to break one of its tenets to achieve his goals. He tried to keep these occasions a secret, thus the Council has always recognized him as a loyal and obedient Jedi.

Jamie Entwistle

"Makashi is the noblest, greatest lightsaber form, it is also the most difficult one to master."
—Dooku to Jamie Entwistle

Count Dooku instructed Jamie Entwistle in the ways of Makashi. Dooku spent many months, and almost every day sparring, instructing and developing his protégé's skills with a blade, and his footwork and mindset during duels. Together, they worked on the weaknesses of Makashi, eventually perfecting their usage against multiple opponents and the problems that faced them from blasters. This all added up, and eventually they were recognised as two of the greatest swordsmen in the order. Invariably, through these sessions, Dooku and Jamie became great friends and comrades. Many years later, they dueled on Geonosis, awith Jamie besting Dooku due to his anger at the way Dooku had murdered Jamie's master, Coleman Trebor.

Accompaning a former Master

"My former Master Thame Cerulian needs our help to take down a Dark Jedi."
" And you are going to help him?"
"I would do anything for him.
—Dooku and Qui-Gon

Dooku and Qui-Gon were on Coruscant when Dooku was contacted by his former master Thame Cerulian. Cerulian told Dooku how he and his apprentice Seth Khaleb had gone hunting for the Sith Lord Darth Sharka on the orders of the Council and how Sharka had defeated Cerulian and killed his apprentice. Cerulian also told Dooku that he had tracked Sharka to Neimodia and needed Dooku's help to defeat him. Dooku agreed, and he and his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn went with a team of Jedi to Neimodia to kill Sharka.

However, things went badly for the Jedi, as Sharak used his force powers to take down many of them. Qui-Gon was quickly disabled by Sharka's Force Lightning and Dooku rushed to defend his fallen Padawan. However, in his haste Dooku was outmaneuvered by the Sith Lord, who sent a chunk of masonry down on him, knocking him out. Dooku never saw the rest of the fight and blammed himself for the deaths of Cerulian and the other Jedi. However, at Cerulian's funeral he made friends with Desdemon Charel, who had also fought on the mission.

One final Mission

"With this strike, we can end this war once and for all."
—Jedi Master Dooku

Shortly after the mission to Neimodia, Dooku and Qui-gon were contacted by Senator Valorum. A cult had risen up on his home world of Eriadu, a cult that worshipped the Sith.

Dooku and Qui-Gon headed to Eriadu and contacted smuggler Siras Feltz, looking for information. However, they were confronted by Disciple Darth Merik and while pursuing him they space pirate Mera Dan, who was in league with the Disciples. They were held by the pirates at the Xeros Asteroids for nearly two years, tortured by the Sith, namely Darth Galepius and his apprentices Sisidou and Verona before they escaped. They killed Verona and escaped back into Republic space. Teaming up with Mera, who had been betrayed by the Sith, they attacked the Sith base on Eriadu.

They clashed with the Sith at the Battle of Eriadu and defeated them. Dooku and Qui-Gon returned to Coruscant with the only Sith survivor Darth Clous. Dooku chastised him for this but said that he was ready for his trials. Qui-Gon passed and they went their separate ways. However, they did retain a very close relationship, and both voiced their concerns about the corruption in the Republic to each other.

Second Confrontation with Sharka

"Why can't you just die!"
—Jedi Master Dooku to Darth Sharka

Thirty years after the end of the Bane Crisis, Dooku learned that the Duros Admiral Clamore had been kidnapped by a reborn Darth Sharka. On hearing Sharka's challenge, Dooku began rallying the otehr Jedi who had previously confronted him together. However, only Desdemon Charel and Tyrel Kee joined with Dooku and tracked Sharka to Corellia.

As the three Jedi engaged Sharka, they found themselves outmatched and outmaneuvered by the Sith Lord. Tyrel was killed and Charel was captured in the fight and Sharka fled, taking Charel with him.

Dooku returned to the Temple and following the failed kidnapping of former Colonel Granthum, he learned that Sharka was on Zanidu. He travelled there with Gangru Morpir and Djinn Altis and they confronted Sharka. However, Sharka revealed that Morpir had betrayed the Jedi on Neimodia and Dooku and Altis fought him. Although Dooku managed to badly wound Morpir, Altis was also out of the fight so he faced Sharka alone.

As he turned to face the Sith lord, he found that Desdemon was attacking him. As Dooku ran towards them, Sharka cut Charel down. Dooku then gave in to his anger and attacked Sharka, driving him back. Sharka then fled the field and Dooku helped Clamore and Altis escape and also placeed Morpir under arrest.

Redeeming a fellow Jedi

"I'm sorry my friend, I'm so sorry."
—Dooku to Jombe Pescal

Following the funeral of Desdemon Charel on Coruscant, Dooku discovered the fallen Jedi Jombe Pescal in the Temple. Dooku confronted Pescal, who was working as an assassin for the Sith Lord Darth Clous. Dooku duelled Pescal and severed his right arm before drawing him back to the light.

After learning of Pescal's deeds and servitude to Clous, Dooku travelled with him to Clous's fortress and confronted him. However, Dooku was knocked out by Clous's Force Lightning and Pescal was killed by the dark lord. However, for unknown reasons, Clous didn't kill Dooku but left him unconcious.

Final Battle on Butar

"Massassi, I thought they were extinct."
"Unfortunately, things no longer to stay as dead as they used too.
—Deva Padj and Dooku

After discovering that Sharka was on the planet Butar, Dooku decided to end his threat once and for all. He travelled to the planet with Djinn Altis and Deva Padj and they battled a horde of Massassi led by Sharka's apprentice Darth Merik.

However, Dooku managed to infiltrate the Temple and he confronted Sharka alone. The Sith lord, weakened by the power of XoXaan's Glove, could only hold his own against Dooku with the help of Merik. Sharka then attempted to obliterate Dooku with the glove and sent a wave of dark energy at him that knocked Merik out the window and blasted Dooku against the wall.

To Dooku's horror, the Force storm that Sharka had created consumed the Sith Lord and Sharka dissolved into dust. As the Temple began to crumble, Dooku fled with the other two Jedi to safety as the last remains of Sharka's fortress were destroyed.

Leaving the Order

"Failed we had, but unknown to us that failure, come back to bite us, it would."

Dooku was teaching Jedi on Coruscant when news came from Naboo that his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn had been killed by the Sith. Haunted by the voices of his dead apprentice and the unknown Sith Lord Dooku left the Order.

Heading to his home planet of Serenno, Dooku assumed his birth right as Count. Returning to Coruscant he tracked down the Sith Lord to his hideout and attempted to kill him. The Sith lord defeated him easily but instead of killing Dooku he revealed his plans and recruited the Count into his service.

Dark Lord of the Sith

"Serve me Dooku, and together we will complete your destiny."
—Darth Sidious

Sith Apprentice

"Will you promise to serve me and the Sith? To destroy the Jedi and bring order to the galaxy?"
"Yes, my lord."
"Good, now we have a lot of work to do so you'd better get started.
—Darth Sidious to Dooku

Now serving the Sith, Dooku went on many missions for his dark master, including the murder of his old friend Sifo-Dyas, and enlisting the aid of Jango Fett as template for his clone army. During this time he gathered together an alliance of Separatists to wage war on the Republic.

Dooku learnt of Sidious's overall plan, which was to create a Galactic Empire to counter the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong, who were making their first skirmishes into an unsuspecting galaxy.


"With your death, I will prove myself truly worthy of being my master's apprentice."
—Dooku to Darth Clous

He would later travel to Kashyyyk under Sidious's orders, havong gathered intelligence from Vergere, to retreive a Sith holocron. As Trade Federation droids massacred the Wookiees, Dooku pursued their chief Lomaak into the forest. However, Lomaak was struck down and killed by Dooku's old enemy Darth Clous and Dooku went into battle against him.

Clous was a powerful enemy, but Dooku had the upper hand of years of training and true Sith skills that Sidious had given to him. Clous had only received some training under his master and this proved his undoing. Dooku struck off Clous's arm and left him helpless on the ground. Then a hologram of Clous's master arrived and it proved to be none other then Sidious himself. Clous believed that he had been saved but Sidious ordered Dooku to finish the job and Dooku cut off Clous's head as he lay on the ground.

Dooku returned to Coruscant with the holocron, but discovered that it had been part of Vergere's plot to draw him away while she killed Sidious. Dooku found Vergere and Sidious engaged in an intense Force battle, that threatened to destroy the Sith hideout. However, Sidious apparently gave up and he fell to the ground. Dooku rushed forward and attacked Vergere, who was weak following her battle with Sidious and he scare her stomach. Vergere fled and Sidious ordered Dooku to have her killed.

Dooku sent agents to hunt Vergere down, but they reported that she had vanished. Unbeknownst to the Sith, Vergere had been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, the very threat that they were trying to prepare for.

Dooku and Aanor

"Both of them are strong, strong enough to defeat me if they joined forces. Now it is up to me to make sure they never do."
—Darth Sidious on Dooku and Aanor

After the death of Darth Maul, Dooku became Sidious's new minion. However, also in contention was the Merraxen Aanor. Dooku was seen as more powerful, but Sidious allowed Aanor to serve him as a Sith minion.

Dooku and Aanor underwent a long rivalry which Sidious played off of. He tested both warriors' powers and skills.

Forging Alliances

"Our plans are moving forwards my apprentice, soom the war to end all wars shall begin."
—Darth Sidious speaking to Dooku

During the Seperatist Crisis, Dooku gathered allies with large financial backing and enormous influence to him. One included The Collector, who supplied crucial funds to the Commerce Guild. When Dooku arrived at the collector's apartment on Coruscant, he found the Collector about to be struck down by Sidious's fellow servant Gangru Morpir.

Dooku persuaded Morpir to spare the Collector's life, but he also got the Collector to reveal the location of the Key of Varus to Morpir. Once Morpir had left, Dooku collected his money, which he used to established droid factories for the Commerce Guild on numerous worlds.

e was also instructed by his master to train a team of dark siders to battle the Jedi, and Dooku established Morpir's ship as a base for training them, safe from the watchful eyes of the Jedi.


He was on Kaon when two of his acolytes Asajj Ventress and Sabyrne Fen informed him that Arlan Darlak was plotting against him. He was well aware of this as Darlak had already attacked Sluis Van and declared war on him. He despatched Ventress to destroy Darlak's factory on Abelone and when Darlak fled with his fleet, he sent Grevious and Gangru Morpir in pursuit, leading to the Battle of the Maw.

Dooku vs Syrim Kahn

"My master has a use for you now, but when that use is done, I shall take great pleasure in killing you."
—Dooku to Syrim Kahn

As well as his ongoing feud with Aanor, Dooku had a long and bitter rivalry with Syrim Kahn, another of Sidious's chief servants. It first came about when Syrim disrupted one of Dooku's schemes to bring Eriadu into his Confederacy. Dooku then killed Syrim's agent and cousin Byra while he was on a mission into Wild Space.

In retaliation Syrim unleashed several battledroids on Dooku while he was in a meeting with Nute Gunray. Dooku easily destroyed the battledroids before storming into Syrim's quarters and blasted him with Force lightning. It was the only the intervention by Darth Sidious that saved Syrim's life. Their feud would continue long into the Clone Wars.

Mission to Korriban

"You, a Sith."
Everything is not as it seems.
—Dooku and Yoda

Towards the end of the Clone Wars, Sidious sent Dooku on a mission to Korriban in order to find some Sith artefacts that would aid them in their takeover of the galaxy. To Dooku's annoyance, Sidious sent Syrim Kahn with them to the planet. Dooku was escorted by a fleet commanded by General Grevious to the planet before he landed with Kahn, Asajj Ventress and another of his dark acolytes Sabyrne Fen.

They arrived on the planet and entered the tombs and began to search for the artefacts. Ventress discovered a secret tomb which contained the tombs of Darth Bane's Order. Then Dooku discovered something that scared him more then Darth Sidious, there was an image of Yoda in the tomb. He fled, taking the others with him, but when they emerged from the tomb they discovered that the planet was under attack by Republic forces. They fled to Ventress's shuttle, but a battalion of clone troopers had arrived and landed between them and the shuttle. Kahn tried to flee, but Dooku sent Fen to hunt him down. Dooku and Ventress easily defeated the clones and boarded the shuttle where they were joined by Fen, who told them that Kahn was dead. Dooku smiled, his long feud with Kahn was over.

As they were about to leave, a Republic shuttle arrived and Yoda emerged and approached Dooku's ship. Dooku got out to meet him and confronted him about his discovery. Then Yoda told him everything, how he had once joined the Sith in an attempt to destroy them. He killed his Sith Master, and it was only then that he realised that his master was only an apprentice, and so the Sith Order survived. Yoda could not find the Sith again, he had failed in his mission. Dooku then attempted to kill his old master but Yoda drives him off and he flees into his ship, which leaves the planet.

The Separatists flee Kooriban, and Dooku heads to Coruscant and tells Sidious of Kahn's death, which Sidious actually seems saddened by. However, Dooku doesn't tell his master of Yoda once being a Sith Lord, he will allow his master to find that out for himself.

The End Approaches

As the war was drawing to its close, Dooku sent Sabyrne Fen to kill Asajj Ventress, who had become a bounty hunter after leaving the Confederacy. Fen found Ventress but was killed in a vicious duel. Before Dooku could send anyone else, he suffered his own death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker.


"Today you die Dooku.
Really, I'd like to see that happen.
—Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku

In the Second Battle of Coruscant, Dooku and Grevious commanded the Separatist attack and laid a trap for the two Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

However, on heading towards the observation platform, Dooku and his guard were attacked by Republic soldier Dan Eardornn, who destroyed many of his guards.

Dooku escaped up the lift to find the two Jedi had already reached Palpatine. Dooku confronted them and they attacked. The Sith lord easily deflected all the Jedi's attacks, taunting them as they went.

He force pushed Kenobi away and duelled Skywalker alone. But Kenobi headed up the steps to attack Dooku from behind, cutting down Dooku's superbattledroids on the way. Dooku outmanoeuvred Kenobi and threw him against the wall, knocking him out and then trapping him under the walkway.

However, Anakin attacked him, driving him over the balcony and driving him back. Then Dan Eardornn arrived, and stunned Anakin, trying to make the kill himself. Dooku quickly defeated Eardornn but then Skywalker got up again and drove Dooku back to fight in front of Palpatine.

Skywalker finally severed Dooku's hands and drove the defeated Count to his knees. Then at Dooku's surprise, Palpatine urged Skywalker to kill Dooku, which he did, removing the helpless Count's head from his neck. Obi-Wan later took Dooku's head and put it in a jar.


"I am reborn!"
—The first words of the Dooku clone

Dooku's body was recovered a few minutes after his death by General Grievous' droids. Although the Count was long dead, they jettisoned the body and Grievous' troops later cloned him. He and a clone of Asajj Ventress hid out on Muunilinst until the Legion of the 378th came and destroyed the fortress they were hiding in. The clones were killed, with Ventress shot several times through the torso and Dooku through the head.

However, not even the destruction of his head could stop the former Jedi. The droids rebuilt it with a special mechanized cage to hold his Force form so his mind survived. He was cut in half by Vader at the Battle of Yavin 8.

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