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"All these guardians...and Sir Auron, too? And I hear Maester Seymour's quite taken with you. The world must look different when you're the daughter of Lord Braska."
—Dona to Yuna

Dona is a Summoner from Kilika in Final Fantasy X. Her only Guardian is Barthello. She has a tendency of giving Yuna and her guardians a hard time.


Final Fantasy X

The party first meets Dona in the Kilika Temple. She treats Yuna condescendingly, and tries to put her down. Yuna asks her politely to leave. Later, when Tidus is told that he cannot enter the Cloister of Trials as he is not yet an official guardian, they show up again and try to get him (and Yuna by extension) into trouble by making the elevator go down with Tidus on it. She then appears on the boat to Luca, cuddling up to Barthello.

She later appears trying to gain access to the Mushroom Rock Road during Operation Mi'ihen which she fails to do, if the player talks to her she explains that they are not letting Summoners through but will call on them eventually and returns to Rin's Inn. If the player does not talk to her she witnesses Seymour managing to get Yuna into Mushroom Rock and leaves in a temper.

At Djose Temple she arrives just as Yuna begins praying to the Fayth and shows once more a arrogant attitude to the group and mocks Yuna over her relationship with Seymour and having Auron as a guardian commenting "The world must look different when you're the daughter of Lord Braska".

Later, the party discovers a distressed Barthello in Macalania Woods, who says that he has lost Dona. She has been captured by the Al Bhed.

In the besieged Al Bhed's Home, she is found down in the Summoners' Sanctum. The Al Bhed kidnapped her because they did not want her to die just to save Spira with the Final Aeon.

You meet her again later on the airship, doubting her abilities as a summoner. Depending on the player's answer, Dona and Barthello will either quit the pilgrimage and remain in the Djose Temple, or they will keep traveling and can be met again when going back to the Zanarkand Temple after defeating Yunalesca and obtaining the airship.


Final Fantasy X-2

Dona at Kilika.

Dona appears in Final Fantasy X-2, living in Kilika with Barthello and a staunch Youth League supporter, which causes a split between the two with Barthello going to Kilika Temple.

During the Great Sphere Hunt on the island she joins the Youth Leagues assault on the temple and is shocked when Yuna and the Gullwings steal the sphere. After you decide which group to return the sphere to, her attitude to you becomes warmer or harsher.

She helps Yuna, Rikku, and Paine get in to Kilika Forest when fiends begin to pour out of the Temple by distracting the gate guard.

She is the main person you converse with on the CommSphere in Kilika and through this you get her to reconsider her feelings for Barthello.

In the final chapter, if you succeed in Kilika, she reconciles with Barthello on Kilka Temples steps, happily reuniting.

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Dona Telamark
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Rise of the Empire era


The Eleven

Dona Telemark was a Human female who lived during the first years of the Galactic Empire.


Dona sheltered Ferus Olin when he was on the run from the Empire. She escaped during an attack from the bounty hunters Boba Fett and D'harhan.

In 18 BBY, Telamark was arrested along with Roan Lands by the Empire on charges of conspiracy against the government of Bellassa and plotting to assassinate the Bellassan Imperial advisor. The two prisoners were held aboard the True Justice in an effort to coerce Olin to work for the Empire. Scheduled for a speedy trial by Judge Bellican, Attorney Tomay Alcorn, and law clerk Sam Weller, the duo was unexpectedly set free when Solace, Oryon, and Trever Flume, impersonating the Imperial judicial team, hijacked the retrofitted YT series Corellian transport.


  • The Last of the Jedi: The Desperate Mission (First appearance)
  • The Last of the Jedi: A Tangled Web
  • The Last of the Jedi: Return of the Dark Side
  • The Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon
  • The Last of the Jedi: Against the Empire
  • The Last of the Jedi: Master of Deception (Mentioned only)

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