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Don Juan

Don Juan was a male Gossam. He spoke Basic with a fake Er'Kit accent. Although never officially trained nor recognized by the Jedi High Council, he considered himself a Jedi. He performed small acts of heroism to help unfortunate beings throughout the Galaxy, never taking sides in the Clone Wars. His heroics inspired the character of the same name on the popular holosoap Hyperspace!, though the show's producers never revealed the character was based on a real person. Hen Sfut developed a crush on the character after frequently watching the show, and the real Don Juan detected her through the Force, fell in love with her, and sent her dreams through which she became convinced he was real. Don Juan was eventually captured by Inquisitor Drayneen and sent to the Citadel Inquisitorius, where he was briefly able to visit with fellow-prisoner Denia. Denia helped him further develop his Force powers. Don Juan was rescued by Hen and her companions shortly before Denia's demise. He and Hen declared their love for one another, and Zivone LaChar took on Don Juan as his Padawan. Don Juan fled the planet with the companions following Denia's death, and later helped them escape arrest on New Pepeka.

Behind the scenes

This character was, of course, inspired by the real-world character Don Juan, a romantic hero. The character's name is always pronounced "Don Joo-uhn," following the famous mispronunciation of the real character's name that was common in Britain, where English-speakers failed to apply the correct rules of Spanish pronunciation. The character was originally intended by one of the players to be a joke, a fictional holovision hero on which the character Hen Sfut had a crush. However, the GM surprised the player by having the character appear as a real person during a mission.


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