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The leader of the aliens who created Dominus
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Quists; Lucifer



World Conquerer

Computer designed by aliens


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X-Men #21
(June, 1966)


Dominus was the channel by which the alien race named "The Arcane" conquered planet after planet. [1] At Lucifer's command post, the Supreme One checked in with his Agent, Lucifer, and said that the time was ready for his true purpose, which was to deploy Dominus. Dominus and Lucifer were temporarily defeated by Charles Xavier, who suffered a debilitating injury in the process. Xavier's X-Men would later defeat Lucifer.

Dominus' Minions Dominus employed a number of servants in contending with the costumed champions who opposed its attempts to conquer the Earth. One of them was Sunstroke, a human being. The others were sentient beings created from lizards ("Gila"), cacti ("Cactus"), and rocks ("Butte") by means of the robot's alien technology. Dominus was able to create duplicates of each of the three artificially created beings.


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  1. He first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men # 21 (June 1966) entitled "From whence comes... Dominus?"; however, he was first mentioned on The Uncanny X-Men # 20, the one on which Professor Charles Xavier reveals a secret to Jean Grey by telling her one of the great reasons he founded the X-Men: to one day meet the further threat of Lucifer.

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3,996 BBY

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Old Republic era

Known apprentices

Zona Luka

Dominus was a male Jedi Master, who resided on the library-world of Ossus during the Great Sith War. The master of the female Vultan Jedi Zona Luka, Dominus successfully trained his apprentice in the ways of the Force, and was proud to regard her as his dearest student. However, Dominus would be cut down by Luka, after she fell under the corruption of the Sith Lord Exar Kun.



A saggy-jowled, gray-skinned alien male, Dominus trained Zona Luka in the ways of the Jedi. During the War, Exar Kun corrupted Luka and sent her to kill Dominus. Dominus put up quite a fight, and the two Jedi mortally wounded each other. The murder scene was later investigated by Qrrrl Toq, Dace Diath, and Shoaneb Culu.

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Behind the scenes

Dominus is Latin for "lord" or "master."

In the Star Wars Encyclopedia, Dominus is erroneously referred to as "Dominis,"


  • Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War


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