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appearances: Van Buren
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The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Dogbody is a Crazy Dog Man from Denver. Weasely. Has a vendetta with the Denver scavs. Wants you to take a bomb (to attract dogs) to the Denver camp. Dogbody used to travel with Porter's group but they thought he died in the attack on the old camp. Dogbody had two dogs that followed him around, and when the others asked him to get them to find food, they brought back something else. Slow Joe got pissed and killed the dogs with a crowbar. Dogbody freaked out. Dogbody was the one responsible for the dog attack on the Old Camp … he set off a tear gas grenade in camp, which attracted all of the dogs, who swarmed the place and ran everyone else out. If you meet him, he'll try to get you to set off another gas grenade in the new salvager camp. May have been raised by dogs. May try to plant a scent bomb on the PC or an ally, then detonate it to attract the dogs. Recruited as a scout by a powder gang. Vengeful … he sees the PCs as a way to help him get revenge on the salvagers. And then he'll try to kill the PCs, too.



Has 2 BITE-ME teargas canisters, keys to the police station doors, remote detonator for the trap, knife, some unarmed maneuvers like what the Hangdogs use. Has seen the obedience program tapes in the DCPD and knows how the dogs are trained.

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