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Dogen is one of the the Others taking shelter in the Temple. He appears to have a leadership position amongst the group, and he has been referred to by executive producer Carlton Cuse as the "Temple Master".[1] ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")


On the Island


2007 (Season 6)

When Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, and the injured Sayid arrive at the Temple, he orders them to be shot for trespassing. But when Hurley announces that Jacob sent them, with the ankh in the guitar case, he reconsiders and brings Sayid to the spring within the Temple. Sayid is pronounced dead by Dogen after The Others are apparently unable to revive him.

In a separate room within the Temple, he receives news from Hurley that Jacob has died, and orders The Others to get into position and protect the Temple from "him", who is likely to be The Man in Black.

Name reference

  • Dōgen was the name of a prominent Japanese Buddhist philosopher, who founded the Soto Zen tradition. He was, for much of his life, the head of a monastery, Eihei-ji (which roughly translates to 'the temple of eternal peace').
  • The historical Dōgen died on September 22, 1253, the same calendar date as the original Oceanic Flight 815 crash.
  • Despite being written as "Dogen" using the alphabet, the official name is written in Japanese using different characters than those of the name of the Japanese Buddhist philosopher. "Do" itself is written the same way as written in the name of many martial arts (Aiki-do, Karate-do, Ju-do, Ken-do) and means "the way/path of". Furthermore, according the producers [2] the character plays a role which has both dignity and delicacy as well (this actually refers to the "-gen" part on the name).


  • Dogen is fluent in English and Japanese, but prefers to speak in Japanese with a translator. He says that he does not like how English tastes on his tongue.
  • The producers say he holds an important key (as in secret) in the series [3].
  • His name has yet to be said on the show, but has been given in the official recap.
  • In Stephen King's epic novel The Dark Tower, a "dogan" is a secret base used by the Wolves, a mysterious group that periodically emerges from hiding to abduct children.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Dogen/Theories
  • What is in the necklace that Dogen is wearing, and why does he grab it before he touches the Ankh in the guitar case?
  • What is his role among the Others?
  • How did he know to shatter the Ankh?

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