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Dr Who

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

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There have been various documentaries about Doctor Who over the years, with a considerable number of new ones featuring as part of the BBC DVD range. The 2005 revival of the series has been accompanied by a documentary series entitled Doctor Who Confidential.


Series Overviews

Era Overviews

  • A New Beginning - A look at the radical changes made to Doctor Who by incoming Producer John Nathan-Turner
  • A Matter of Time - A documentary exploring Graham Williams' three year tenure as Doctor Who's Producer and the Key to Time season as a whole
  • Doctor Who: Endgame - Documentary delving into why Doctor Who was cancelled at the end of Season Twenty-Six and what might have been in store for the Doctor and Ace if the series had continued into Season Twenty-Seven
  • Doctor Who: Origins - Detailing the creation of Doctor Who
  • Musical Scales - A look back at an era of musical experimentation in Doctor Who
  • Serial Thrillers - A look back as the Philip Hinchcliffe era and what made it one of the most successful and popular periods in Doctor Who's history
  • The UNIT Family (Part One) - Looks at the role of UNIT in the world of Doctor Who through to the end of Jon Pertwee's first year as the Doctor

Cast & Crew

  • Behind the Sofa: Robert Holmes and Doctor Who - Looking at this popular writer
  • Being Doctor Who - Peter Davison dicusses how he approached this iconic role
  • Directing Who - A series of short documentaries involving Directors from the series
  • Highlander - The Jamie McCrimmon Story - Frazer Hines takes an informal look back at his time in Doctor Who
  • Mouth on Legs - Actress Janet Fielding talks about playing Tegan Jovanka.
  • Paddy Russell: A Life in Television - In this special interview, Paddy looks back over her forty year career in television as an actress, Stage Manager, and Director
  • Philip Madoc - A Villain for All Seasons - A retrospective of actor Philip Madoc's numerous roles as a Doctor Who villain down the years
  • Playing with Time - An interview with Composer Jonathan Gibbs
  • Terrance Dicks: Fact & Fiction - With a career spanning six decades, the special documentary looks at Terrance Dicks' work for books and television
  • Terror Nation - A documentary about the writer Terry Nation, creator of the Dalek characters
  • There's Something About Mary - Actress Mary Tamm looks back at her time as Romana

Story Specific


  • Character Design - A featurette showcasing Steve Maher's character design drawings and animation tests for The Invasion DVD
  • Colour Silurian Overlay - A featurette explaining how Doctor Who and the Silurians was restored to full colour for DVD
  • Film Restoration - Before and after examples of techniques used during the restoration of the location film elements of Black Orchid
  • Flash Frames - A featurette about the creation of the animated Episodes 1 and 4 of The Invasion
  • Restoration - A featurette showing the techniques used in the restoration of The Time Meddler
  • Restoring The Aztecs - A featurette with look at the digital remastering process for the DVD release
  • Reverse Standards Conversion - The Axon Legacy - A featurette that looks as the restoration of The Claws of Axos

Monster/Villain Overviews


  • Inside the Spaceship - A look at the TARDIS
  • Double Trouble - A brief history of doubles in other Doctor Who stories
  • Hammer Horror - A featurette considering the influences of horror films on Doctor Who stories over the years
  • Love Off-Air - An affectionate tribute to the people dedicated enough to capture the soundtracks of Doctor Who in the sixties
  • Masters of Sound - A look inside the BBC Radiophonic Workshop which created electronic sounds and music during Doctor Who's early years
  • Stripped for Action - A look back at the comic adventures of the Doctor
  • Synthesizing Starfields - Peter Howell and Sid Sutton recall the creation of the new titles sequence and theme arrangement
  • The Crowded TARDIS - A look at the increase in the TARDIS crew at the end of Season Eighteen
  • The Missing Years - About the missing episodes of Doctor Who
  • The Ties that Bind Us - Examines the links to the show's past and future in The Five Doctors
  • The Tunnel Effect - Grpahic Designer Bernard Lodge explains how he created the complex opening titles for Tom Baker's stories

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