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Doctor Tot's in-game model
"Where should I start...? First, your beard! Second, your nerdy hat! Third, your thick eyeglasses! All signs of a nerdy philosopher!"
—Eiko's impression on Doctor Tot.

Doctor Tot (トット先生, Totto-sensei) is the name of Princess Garnet's childhood tutor from the Alexandrian castle in Final Fantasy IX. He is the archetypal scatter-brained academic, with thick glasses and a constantly-wandering train of thought, but remains one of the princess' most loyal friends and comes to the aid of the party multiple times, such as when he reveals the location of Gargan Roo. Doctor Tot is also very elderly, being born in 1740, some sixty years before the start of the game.

Doctor Tot keeps his residence in Treno, close to the Card Stadium. It is revealed during the course of the game the he has long been a fan of the card game Tetra Master and will assist Zidane in the card tournament by giving him more cards should he run low.

Doctor Tot helped diagnose Garnet once she had lost her voice and said that she needed calm before she would return to normal, he also attempted to cure Regent Cid who was trapped in the form of an Oglop though he was unsuccesful.

Tot was Garnet's tutor before the beginning of the game and says that she was once very similar to Eiko, after Eiko wishes to be more like Garnet. The Doctor and Eiko begin to talk as Eiko requests his help with a letter for Zidane, Tot helps her write a sonnet for him. After their first meeting the Doctor is stunned by Eiko's casual revelation that she is from Madain Sari and his musings on Summoners, the four jewels and the summoner's village reveal much of the Garnet's backstory, explaining how she came to be in Alexandria as well as the connection between jewels and Eidolons.


Thoth is the Egyptian god of magic and knowledge. Tot is the German word for "dead," as well.


  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Tot is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Red Mage job.

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