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Real Name
Current Alias


Imako (daughter), Raiden Tazu (father), Unnamed ex-husband, Yasu (son)


Base Of Operations
Mobile; formerly Japan


5' 3"

105 lbs (48 kg)




Marital Status

President of K.O.R.D. Industries; Astrological Scientist; Medical Doctor; Crime-Fighter

College Graduate w/ M.D.

Seeking a new champion to help save the pending destruction of the Multiverse, the Monitor used his power to transform scientist Kimiyo Hoshi into the super-powered Doctor Light.

Place of Birth



Kimiyo Hoshi was the supervising astronomer at an observatory in Japan, overseeing a group of male astronomers charting the unnatural effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. (She is also a scientist, as mentioned in Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (October 1985), and a medical doctor, as shown in Justice League Annual #3 (1989) and Justice League America #55 (October 1991).)

Disgusted by the men's fear of the approaching antimatter cloud, she arrogantly tells them all off (including her own father), and orders them to leave, so she can study the phenomenon alone through her telescope.

Meanwhile, the Monitor, a being linked with all positive matter, senses his enemy, the Anti-Monitor, absorbing yet another positive-matter Earth with his antimatter cloud. In order to tip the scales for the heroes of the positive universe, the Monitor activates one last warrior.

He sends a devastating beam of energy from the star Vega to Earth, which strikes the observing Hoshi, leaving massive destruction in its wake. Granted the power of photonics and the name Doctor Light, Hoshi is assigned by the Monitor to guard one of the vibrational forks needed to save the Earth. Teen Titans member Starfire and Outsiders member Halo set out to destroy the machine. Since Doctor Light can't speak to them in English, she resorts to blasting them away from the machine. Superman is the first to communicate with her, given his knowledge of most of Earth's languages.

Once the Earth's heroes are brought aboard the Monitor's satellite, the Japanese-speaking Katana takes over as Kimiyo's translator.

Doctor Light, granted the ability to understand English, accompanies several heroes to the anti-matter universe to confront the Anti-Monitor. She and Superman soon discover the machines that the villain has deployed to destroy the remaining Earths. The Anti-Monitor ambushes the Man of Steel; Doctor Light defends Superman as best she can. Supergirl arrives, and sacrifices her life, allowing Doctor Light to carry the unconscious Superman to safety.

Seeing Supergirl's sacrifice makes Doctor Light realize how selfish she has been, and she resolves to change.

When Harbinger summons her to fight in the final battle, Doctor Light is ready. As the other heroes barrage the Anti-Monitor, she absorbs the energy of a gigantic star that he is using as a power source. Scoring the first fall of the Anti-Monitor during that battle, she blasts a gaping hole through him.

In the post-Crisis continuity, Supergirl was written out of existence, so it is explained that Doctor Light was inspired by the other heroes.

She is potentially one of the most powerful superheroines in the DC Universe, but she has not tapped into the heightened levels of power she used during the Crisis. (Although few remember those events, Doctor Light is one of the few who do, seeing as how she once mentioned in Showcase '96 #9 (October 1996) that she's faced "Anti-Matter Gods".)

Doctor Light has joined the Justice League a few times over the years, most notably as a member of Justice League Europe during the latter half of its incarnation. (She was also a one-time ally of the Outsiders and was briefly part of an incarnation of the Doom Patrol.) During her time on the Justice League Europe, she believed that her anti-social attitude during the Crisis was due to the food she regularly ate, after Power Girl is diagnosed with a similar condition. However, it is revealed that her behavior in Crisis was, in fact, her genuine behavior. While a member of the Justice League, Doctor Light formed significant friendships with The Flash (Wally West) and Power Girl, and started a romance with the Japanese member of the Global Guardians known as Rising Sun.

Infinite Crisis and After

Following his recovery from the mind-wipe he suffered at the hands of the Justice League, Arthur Light, the villainous male Doctor Light attacked Doctor Hoshi and drained her of her powers.

It appeared that her de-powerment was temporary; in Infinite Crisis #5 (February 2006) she used her powers to aid in the evacuation of Tokyo, Japan. In that same issue she was warned by Bart Allen, in the costume of the Silver Age Flash, of the escape of an enraged Superboy-Prime. She was later seen in Infinite Crisis #7 (April 2006) battling the evil Doctor Light.

A flashback in Action Comics #838 (June 2006) reveals that Doctor Light and The Ray, heroes possessing solar-based powers, took part in an unsuccessful attempt to re-activate Superman's powers.

However, an article discussing the destruction of Star City (and, by extension, Kimiyo's depowerment) appeared at the 52 website, which is designed to complement the weekly comic series. The article places a date on the city's destruction, which was depicted in the final 2 Pre-OYL Green Arrow arcs, specifying that the event took place on May 15th. Problematically, this dating places the story after the events depicted in Infinite Crisis.

Given this dating, Kimoyo's depowerment took place during the events of 52 - Week 2 which, given Kimiyo and Green Arrow's appearances at the end of 52 - Week 1, would appear to make sense, although it in turn makes nonsense of information contained in Green Arrow vol. 3, #54, where it is revealed that Kimiyo has not used her powers for two years. In addition, the issue also places Kimiyo, who lives in Japan (and is seen there in Infinite Crisis #5), working as a business executive in Star City.

The story arc also concludes with Green Arrow experiencing a strange multiplying effect that places the story during Infinite Crisis, not two weeks after the event's conclusion. (Several other characters in the DCU experienced this effect in the issue of their titles that immediately preceded the OYL jump.)

It is not possible to resolve all the continuity problems with this story other than to ascribe them to the effects of Superboy Prime tampering with reality during Infinite Crisis (or to writer's error).

Kimiyo Hoshi appeared in costume in 52 Week 35, alongside various other heroes assisting the injured victims of Lex Luthor. She is also shown in 52 Week 50, in the climactic battle of World War III.

She is one of the first wave of heroes who confront (and are taken down by) Black Adam. (He grasps her neck with such force that she instantly blacks out before he throws her aside.)

Oracle invited Kimiyo to join the Birds of Prey, but she was not selected to take part in the first mission.

Powers and Abilities


Vega Energy Conduit: Able to channel energy from Alpha Lyrae aka Vega. The star is 25 light-years from Earth and is located in the Lyra constellation which is in Sector 2828. It is the same solar system where Agent Orange and the Omega Men are based. Bright and hot, it allows her access to near-unlimited energy.

Light and Energy Absorption: She can absorb all forms of illumination, and internalize it for a variety of uses. In addition, she can absorb most forms of energy and send the energy to Vega.

Light Manipulation: ability to manipulate ambient light for a variety of purposes.

  • Energy Projection: able to fire blasts of pure energy or destructive laser beams. She can release that absorbed energy as blinding flashes.
  • Flight: She can fly by riding light waves.
  • Energy Constructs: Doctor Light can focus photons into "hard light" (a fictional form of energy which acts like a solid object) which also allows her to create protective barriers and numerous other shapes and sizes of solid masses.


Astronomy: Kimiyo Hoshi is a scientist specializing in the field of Astronomy. In addition she holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy.

Bi-Lingual: Able to speak Japanese and English


Nyctophobia (Fear of Darkness)

Light Dependency (Formally): Her weakness is she needs a light source to fuel her powers, and being placed in an area of absolute darkness severely weakens her abilities.






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