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Doctor Madison Li is a 48-year old[1] scientist working on portable fusion power and hydroponics experiments in Rivet City, together with Janice Kaplinski and Anna Holt.

Madison Li
race: Human, Asian
affiliation: Rivet City Council
Project Purity
role: Scientist
location: Rivet City
Jefferson Memorial
The Citadel
The Commonwealth
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Scientific Pursuits
The Waters of Life
SPECIAL: 3ST, 6PE, 3EN, 4CH, 8IN, 6AG, 5LK
tag skills: 100Science
actor: Jennifer Massey
base id: 156CC
ref id: 19FC5



She used to be part of the group of scientists that worked with James on Project Purity before the birth of the Lone Wanderer. Despite James' renewed efforts she remains skeptical of the project. Dr. Li is the first distinct face that the Player sees, during the birthing scene, as she carries the newborn Lone Wanderer away while Catherine is going under cardiac arrest.

The Lone Wanderer is sent to Dr. Li by Three Dog after repairing his broadcast dish (or by succesfully do a speech check to skip the quest). Li recognized the Lone Wanderer on sight and mentioned that James already left for the Jefferson Memorial in the hopes of finishing Project Purity; he asked for her help but she refused. After James returned to Rivet City, it didn't take a long time to convince her into continuing the work that was interrupted 19 years ago. She was outside the control room when the Enclave arrived and witnessed James' death. She was deeply shaken by it and managed to convince the Lone Wanderer into helping the remaining scientists escape into the tunnels leading to the Citadel, Enclave in pursuit. When one of the Citadel's guards attempted to turn her away, she yelled into the intercom at the gate, prompting Lyons to let them inside. After explaining the situation to him, Lyons allowed them to stay.

According to the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide, she had romantic feelings for the player's father, but hid her feelings to respect his marriage with another scientist, Catherine. When James left, she felt betrayed.

Broken Steel

During the events of Broken Steel the Lone Wanderer is told that she proceeded to leave the Capital Wasteland and travel to the Commonwealth to pursue other scientific purposes, allegedly because she could not stand the Brotherhood Scribes' involvement in Project Purity.


  • It is possible to easily break the main quest sequence with Dr. Li: regardless of the player's place in the main plot line, she will immediately recognize them as James' child and will launch into the dialogue tree leading into Scientific Pursuits. If done too early, this will result in the player skipping a number of plot-related quests, including Following in His Footsteps and Galaxy News Radio. Talking to Dr. Li before going to Galaxy News Radio will result in the player having to fight a substantial number of Super Mutants and the Behemoth on their own with no help from the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • If the player has killed Three Dog before completing Galaxy News Radio (quest), the player will need to talk to Dr. Li to resume the plot.
  • Doctor Li is a quest character and cannot be killed.
  • Sister or Bannon may sometimes be found sleeping in Dr. Li's bedroom. Additionally, Flak and Shrapnel have also been found sleeping in the same side of Madison's bed while she sleeps on the other side. When the occupants awake, depending on which NPC is visible, either Flak or Shrapnel will suddenly split up into both himself and his gun dealing counterpart. While this gives the amusing appearance that Dr. Li is sleeping with various men in Rivet City (and children, as C.J. Young occasionally sleeps there as well), these occurrences are likely minor bugs that have yet to be resolved; however her dresser can contain a pair of Sexy Sleepwear (confirmed on PS3 and PC) adding to this illusion, and fueling some wild speculation.
  • If the player passes a speech check before going to Project Purity Dr. Li rewards them with 5 Stimpaks.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Doctor Li's Outfit - Butter Knife
Doctor Li's Key
Scrap Metal


Madison Li only appears in Fallout 3.

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Major characters of Fallout 3
Rivet City

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