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Ethel Cripps (mother, deceased); Ruthven Sykes (father, deceased)





Unusual Features
When he was hooked on the Materioptikon, Dee ate very little, and thus withered away to a near-skeletal appearance. More recently, he seems to have regained his appetite, and thus looks more normal.


Marital Status

Professional criminal

Originally a scientific genius, possession of the Dreamstone gave Dee the ability to manipulate Dreams in a variety of ways.

Place of Birth

Image:Quote1.png I think I'll dismember the world and then I'll dance in the wreckage. Image:Quote2.png
-- Doctor Destiny




John Dee was a criminal scientist capable of creating technology far beyond those of the contemporary era; his first foray in supervillainy involved creating an antigravity device that allowed him to capture Green Lantern, impersonate him, and design a series of traps to capture the JLA, calling himself Doctor Destiny. While defeated, it was but his first attempt.

His next attempt at the business was pointed towards the manipulation of dreams. He managed to create a drug designed to alter reality through dreams, though all subjects had burned out while under its influence. He then realized that all that was necessary to counter this was blood-pressure medicine, and used his drug to battle the JLA. Defeated, he then decided the medicine was not the way to go; instead, he built a series of powerful machines designed to alter reality much like his drug had done; he called these machines Materioptikons; the strongest was a blood-red gemstone, also called Materioptikon.

While he was tremendously successful with his first machine, bringing his dream to torture the Leaguers; a world ruled by a fascist, brutal JLA. The real JLA barely managed to defeat the doubles and destroy the first Materioptikon; however, Destiny then proved able to recreate the stone whenever he wished through his dreams. The JLA then employed a psychiatrist to destroy Dee's ability to dream; this turned him into the shrivelled wreck of a man, and filled him with animosity against the JLA. Destiny would return many times, seeking to reconstruct or reactivate his Materioptikons, money, the defeat of the JLA, power, and mostly the restoration of his human appearance.


Dee was again a petty criminal scientist; but when after his first defeat he was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, his mother, who had one been the mistress of one of the captors of Dream of the Endless and was then possessor of one of his symbols of office, his ruby, visited Arkham and handed over the gem to him so he could escape with its power. While Dee was successful, overuse of the gem left him a shriveled wreck, much like his Pre-Crisis appearance. Traumatized by the effects of the gemstone on her son, Ethel Cripps committed suicide.

Slowly, Destiny continued to accrue power through the gemstone.

Powers and Abilities


Doctor Destiny possessed no innate powers. Later, through training and acquisition of several power sources, most notably the Dreamstone, he acquired reality-warping powers great enough to create entire realities out of dreams and memories, even without the stone itself in his possession. While he rarely is able to pull such a grandiose feat and can end comatose in the due process of creation, Destiny's power is nearly unmatchable in his dream realities.


Vast understanding of the workings of the Materioptikon,

Indomitable Will: nearly absolute mental discipline.

Occultism: far above average occult knowledge

Strength level

Less than average physical strength; far above normal in mental strength.


Inability to dream had turned him into a twisted, skeletal wreck of a man; while better, he is still extremely feeble.



Dee formerly possessed the Materioptikon, Morpheus's Dreamstone; later created his own version.



Materioptikon, Dream's Dreamstone

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