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Doc Hoff
race: Human
affiliation: Uncle Roe
role: Traveling Caravan Merchant
location: Loops through Canterbury Commons, Temple of the Union, Agatha's House, Paradise Falls, Arefu, Evergreen Mills, Megaton, and Rivet City
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Merchant Empire
karma: Neutral
SPECIAL: 5 ST 5 PE 4 EN 7 CH 5 IN 5 AG 5 LK
derived stats: Hit Points: 135 → 185
tag skills: Barter: 54 → 100
Melee Weapons: 50 → 100
Speech: 54 → 100
Repair: 15 (65 after investment)
level: 5 → 15 (1.5 times current player level)
base id: 00063BF7
ref id: 00063C06

Doc Hoff, or as he likes to call himself "The Good Doctor", is a Caravan Merchant in 2277.



Sarcastic and pessimistic about humanity's survival, he sells food, medical supplies, and drugs, and may also repair your gear. Doc Hoff is convinced he's helping to ease humanity's suffering in it's dying years, for a price.

Daily schedule

Doc Hoff appears outside of frequent stops every time you fast travel to that location, go through a loading screen to that location, or wait at the site for a few hours. A good way to find him is to fast travel to Rivet City and go down the metal stairs. If he isn't there, wait for one or two hours so a merchant spawns. If the merchant isn't Doc Hoff, wait for one or two hours again. Repeat until you get him to spawn.

Interactions with the player character

Doc Hoff sells one of the Schematics - Nuka Grenade in the game. His caravan travels from Megaton to Canterbury Commons and back. Doc Hoff's local inventory is located in Uncle Roe's house in the refrigerator. The key can be recovered from his corpse.

Main article: Merchant Empire

After talking to Uncle Roe for further Caravan Merchant investment, his repair skill jumps to 65 (allowing him to repair items to a max of 79%). His inventory (and the number of available caps) also improves, and after the second investment, he rewards you with 5-7 Stimpaks, depending on your level.

Doc Hoff travels together with the following characters:

Related NPCs RefID BaseID
Doc Hoff's Caravan Guard 52bbf 69c49
Doc Hoff's Pack Brahmin 2d59a 27ded


  • If killed, his pack Brahmin will wait outside Paradise Falls.
  • Agatha's broadcast occasionally thanks Doc Hoff for "keeping an old lady alive and well".


"Let's see what the good doctor has in his magic bag, shall we?"
"Here to see the good doctor? Excellent."


Doc Hoff only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes


  • Doc Hoff can appear at the Jefferson Memorial during the time of the quest "Take It Back". He is almost always instantly killed by Liberty Prime, and his body can be very difficult to find with all the dead Enclave Soldiers. (Confirmed on 360 and PC)
  • When starting a new game, it is possible that Doc Hoff will spawn without his Pack Brahmin and Caravan Guard. (Confirmed 360)



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