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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese ドーベルマン
Romaji Dōberuman
SNES Name {{{SNES}}}
PS Name Doberman
GBA Name Doberman

The Doberman is an enemy in the game Final Fantasy VI. It can only be encountered by kicking the chest in the northeastern tent in the Imperial Camp.

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Carl Johnson killing a Ballas gang member while taking over Glen Park.
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
For: Sweet
Location: Los Santos
Target: Glen Park
Reward: Respect
Unlocks: Los Sepulcros, Ammu-Nation, Gang Warfare
Unlocked by: Gray Imports

Doberman is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given by Sweet to protagonist Carl Johnson.



CJ receives a phone call from Sweet who tells him to go to Ammu-Nation in Market to get firearms and kill a former Grove Street Families gang member who has betrayed them and gone with the Ballas, hiding in Glen Park. CJ goes to Ammu-Nation, gets armed with weapons and takes over Glen Park killing every Ballas gang member attacking him. CJ heads out of the park and finds the traitor who claims that Frank Tenpenny set him up. CJ kills him and Glen Park belongs to Grove Street after the mission is done.


(CJ goes to Ammu-Nation, then takes over the Glen Park hood and the traitor shows up.)

Traitor: Tenpenny set me up!

(CJ kills the traitor.)


  • Originally, the mission was for the C.R.A.S.H. in which you need to keep the DEA from busting someone who was working for Tenpenny. This is also the mission Officer Carver and Poncho appears but they were cut before the game's release.
  • Also, the beta name of the mission was All-Terrain Takedown.


The reward for beating this mission is increased respect. The player is also able to take over enemy gang territories as well as entering Ammu-Nation and buying weapons from there.


External link

  • Doberman mission on YouTube by GTAmissions - PC version.

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