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The Divine spirit shield was released on 15 September 2008 along with Summer's end. It is currently the most expensive shield in the game. It requires 75 Defence and 75 Prayer to wield. The shield is made by attaching a Divine sigil to a Blessed spirit shield. To do this, players need 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing. Additionally, you can ask Brother Bordiss to attach it for 1,500,000 coins after completing Perils of Ice Mountain.

The Knowledge Base states that the Divine spirit shield comes with a special bonus, "30% - or as much as if possible if 30% is more than your current amount of Prayer points - of any damage you take is removed. Half of this 30% is deducted from your Prayer instead, while the other half is ignored completely."

For example, if a foe using Dharok's armour and other damage-boosting methods/equipment would normally hit a 60 on a person wearing this shield, the damage would be reduced to 60*0.7=42, and 1/2(60-42)=9 points would be deducted from this person's prayer. The damage reduced by this shield is therefore limited to 2 times one's current Prayer points, e.g. a player with 3 Prayer points can have 6 damage reduced from any attack.

This shield stacks with Protection prayers multiplicatively, not additively. The prayer drain is based on damage before protection prayers. For example: against a player, the shield reduces damage by 30% and then a protection prayer reduces 40% of what's left after the shield. In this way, exactly 58% of the damage taken is protected from, and 15% of the original damage is reduced from one's Prayer points.

This shield has the exact same defence bonuses as the Elysian spirit shield; however, their special effects differ slightly. While the Elysian spirit shield has a 70% chance of reducing 25% damage, this shield has a 100% chance of reducing 30% damage, assuming the player has sufficient prayer points. (This means that, statistically, 17.5% of all damage received from the Elysian Spirit Shield is completely taken out of effect, whereas 30% of all damage from the Divine Shield is removed and 15% is taken from prayer points.) In this aspect, the Divine spirit shield is the most powerful shield in the game, yet nonetheless, it is more tedious to use. The price to pay for its constant reduction of damage is the loss of Prayer points in a similar likeness to the prayer Smite. However, the cost of restoring the hit points saved make up for the prayer potions used, so the divine is superior in most places.

It is the second most expensive item in the game and the most expensive non-discontinued item in the game. Only the Christmas cracker is worth more.

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A player wielding a divine spirit shield.
A player wielding a divine spirit shield.
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 0 0 0 0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+63 +65 +75 +2 +57 +65
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
0 0 +3 0


  • On 1 February 2010, the spirit shields appearances were changed to match their inventory pictures, which were updated before. Divine spirit shields colour was changed to a more green colour. Previously Arcane and Divine were close to same shade of green and Elysian and Spectral were close to same shade of blue. This update was probably done to make the spirit shields more distinguishable from each other.

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