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Divine Knight is a special job class from Final Fantasy Tactics. Meliadoul Tengille's default job class, this job focuses on disabling your opponent by breaking their equipment and hurting them in the process. It costs 2900 JP to master this job.

Folmarv Tengille and Loffrey Wodring are also Divine Knights.



A Knight versed in both scripture and sword, sworn to the service of the Gods.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
None Swords, Knight Swords, Crossbows, Spears, Bags Helmets Armor, Clothes, Robes Yes

Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
4 3 9 12% High Low High Low



Unyielding Blade

Note: Meliadoul must be equipped with a sword to use these abilities.

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Shellbust Stab Crush Armor Destroys the target's equipped armor. 3 1 Now 200
Blastar Punch Crush Helm Destroys the target's equipped helmet. 3 1 Now 400
Hellcry Punch Crush Weapon Destroys the target's equipped weapon. 3 1 Now 500
Icewolf Bite Crush Accessory Destroys the target's equipped accessory. 3 1 Now 800

War of the Lions Changes

Unyeilding Blade skills will now damage monsters and humans without equipment, but will still fail on a unit with Safeguard.

Reaction Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Counter Tackle Counterattack with a tackle. Physical Attack 180

Support Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Equip Axes Equip axes, regardless of job. 170
Monster Skill Beastmaster Adds an ability to all monsters in neighboring tiles with an elevation difference of 3h or less. 200
Defend Defend oneself against an attack. Adds the Defend command. 50
Gained JP Up JP Boost Increase the amount of JP earned in battle. 250

Movement Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Move +1 Increase Move by 1. 200

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Up to date as of February 06, 2010

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Divine Knight
English: Divine Knight
Attribute: LIGHT Image:Light.png
Types: Warrior/Effect
Level: 4 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 1800/2000
Card Lore: When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you may Special Summon it from the graveyard in face-up defense mode during the end phase of that turn. Any Battle Damage this card's controller takes from a battle involving this card becomes 0.
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Facts about Divine KnightRDF feed
Level 4  +

This article uses material from the "Divine Knight" article on the YCM wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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