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For the location guide for Distractions and Diversions, see Distractions and Diversions Locations.
Distractions and Diversions

Distractions and Diversions is a game feature released by Jagex on 2 September 2008. This game feature is unlike normal minigames, as the locations of some of these games move around RuneScape. All five parts of the Distractions and Diversions are members-only.


Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza

The ringmaster of Big Top circus.

Circus barkers are found in each town mentioning the whereabouts of the circus. To enter the circus, players have to travel to the town (mentioned above) and find the Ticket vendor. The Ticket vendor will provide a Circus ticket, and players are transported into the circus. To leave the circus, they simply have to tear their Circus ticket. Note that the circus moves to a different city every Wednesday, and the Ticket vendor can be found within the city area.

Whilst in the circus, players may test their skills and perform tricks in each of the areas: Agility, Ranged and Magic. The audience are key to earning maximum points, as they occasionally shout out tricks to perform. Players cannot do more than one performance in each area per week. This means that players, who have completed the Agility, Ranged and Magic performances, have to wait for the following week in order to do it again. Circus barkers, who can be found in major cities, inform players where the circus currently is.

Evil tree

Main article: Evil Tree

The Evil Tree can be done twice a day, and helps players train their Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Farming skills. Waves of trees appear every two hours; between waves, no trees will appear. To check if an evil tree is currently growing, a Spirit tree can be asked. He will also teleport you to it.

Player will see roots shoot out from the ground, giving a sign that the Evil Tree is sprouting and/or is nearby.

You do not need to bring anything with you, as the leprechaun near the tree will supply you with an bronze axe and a tinderbox when the tree exhibits its evil tendencies. So if you see an evil tree and are miles away from a bank, there will be no need to go back.

The locations of the trees are different for every world.

Those who live in North America, if they time it right, can chop down 4 trees at a time. Note that the counter will reset at 0:00 UTC. This also applies to Stars.

Penguin Hide and Seek

A penguin in disguise.
Main article: Penguin Hide and Seek

In order to start, players must first talk to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo and receive a Spy notebook. With this notebook, all of the penguins that have been spotted will be recorded, as well as how many Penguin Spotting Points the player currently has. However, the notebook does not need to be carried in the inventory in order to earn Penguin points.

Clues as to the whereabouts of each penguin may be obtained from Larry by talking to him, or contacting him through the Lunar spell NPC Contact. Upon finding a penguin, the 'Spy on' option can be used to log the details into the notebook. Return to Larry for the rewards.

The regions of the penguins are the same for all worlds, but will change every week (and the specific location of a penguin varies from world to world).

After completing the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber, a polar bear, Chuck, replaces Larry as the source of clues and where to turn in penguin points. With the completion of the quest, players also have the option to spy a stationary polar bear hiding in a well for an extra point. The bear changes its location once per week on the same time-frame as penguins.

Phoenix Lair

Shooting Star

The star when it's fallen to the ground.
Main article: Shooting Star

Every 2 hours, a shooting star falls into a random area within Gielinor. Players have to mine through the star, collecting up to 200 stardust a day to exchange for coins and experience from the star sprite inside. Level 10 Mining is required to mine through the smallest shooting star, while level 90 Mining is required to mine through the biggest.

Players may figure out where the next shooting star is going to land by looking through a telescope in a study inside a Player-owned house.

Court Cases

Main article: Court Cases

According to a recent development diary, Jagex is working on releasing a new Distractions and Diversions known as 'Court Cases.' It takes place in the Seers' Village courthouse, and players will investigate and have to either defend or prosecute the NPC chosen. It is unknown when this will be released.


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