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Original release cover
Dissidia Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack
Catalog # SQEX-10132-3
Composer(s) Nobuo Uematsu, Hitoshi Sakimoto
Arranger(s) Takeharu Ishimoto, Tsuyoshi Sekito
Producer(s) Takeharu Ishimoto, Tsuyoshi Sekito
Publisher Square Enix
CD Info 2 CD - 55 tracks
Length TBA
Release date JPNDecember 24, 2008

Dissidia Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Dissidia Final Fantasy. It features arrangements of the music from the series by Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito. The theme songs are written and performed by Canadian alternative rock band Your Favorite Enemies. The soundtrack is priced at 3,000 yen. It does not, however, contain every track available in the game. Only choice "original" tracks, as well as the arranged tracks, and songs exclusive to Dissidia.


Track List


Disc 1

  2. "Prelude -menu-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  4. "Keeping the Peace" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  6. "Victory Fanfare -Cosmos-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  7. "Main Theme -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY I
  8. "Battle -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY I
  9. "Dungeon -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY I
  10. "Main Theme -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II
  11. "Battle Theme 1 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II
  12. "Battle Theme 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II
  13. "Warriors of Light" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  14. "Eternal Wind -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY III
  15. "Battle 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY III
  16. "This is the Last Battle -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY III
  17. "Battle Preparations" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  18. "Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IV
  19. "Battle with the Four Fiends -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IV
  20. "Fight 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IV
  21. "Victory Fanfare -Chaos-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  22. "Four Hearts -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY V
  23. "Battle at the Big Bridge -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY V
  24. "Battle 1 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY V
  25. "At Prestiment's Edge" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  26. "Terra -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VI
  27. "Decisive Battle -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VI
  28. "Battle to the Death -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VI
  29. "The Quickening" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  30. "The Troops' Advance" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY

Disc 2

  1. "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VII
  2. "One-Winged Angel -orchestra version-" from FINAL FANTASY VII
  3. "Fight On! -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VII
  4. "A Moment of Rest" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  5. "Blue Fields -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VIII
  6. "Don't be Afraid -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VIII
  7. "The Extreme -original-" from FINAL FANTASY VIII
  9. "Over That Hill -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IX
  10. "Battle 1 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IX
  11. "Battle 2 -original-" from FINAL FANTASY IX
  12. "Mambo de Chocobo -original-" from FINAL FANTASY V
  13. "Movement in Green -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY X
  14. "Otherworld -original-" from FINAL FANTASY X
  15. "Battle Theme -original-" from FINAL FANTASY X
  16. "Victory Fanfare -original-" from FINAL FANTASY V
  17. "The Federation of Windurst -original-" from FINAL FANTASY XI
  18. "Battle in the Dungeon #2-original-" from FINAL FANTASY XI
  19. "Theme of the Empire -original-" from FINAL FANTASY XII
  20. "Boss Battle -original-" from FINAL FANTASY XII
  21. "Answer" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  22. "Chaos -Last Battle 1-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY
  25. THE MESSENGER (Bonus Track)

Limited Edition

The front cover of the Limited Edition.

A Limited Edition version will be released, which features a "tall" album jacket with the Cosmos artwork on the front and Chaos at the back. It carries the catalog number SQEX-10130-1 and priced at 3,500 yen.


  • "DISSIDIA -ending-" features the ending themes of the first ten Final Fantasy games, in order:
    • "Ending Theme" – Final Fantasy, played during the epilogue after defeating Chaos.
    • "Finale" – Final Fantasy II, also known as "Love Will Grow".
    • "The Everlasting World" – Final Fantasy III.
    • "Epilogue" – Final Fantasy IV.
    • "A New Origin" – Final Fantasy V, specifically the "Spreading Grand Wings" segment.
    • "Balance is Restored" – Final Fantasy VI, specifically the "Cyan's Theme" segment.
    • "Staff Roll" – Final Fantasy VII, specifically the Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII segment.
    • "Ending Theme" – Final Fantasy VIII, specifically the "Eyes on Me" segment.
    • "Melodies of Life" – Final Fantasy IX.
    • "Ending Theme" – Final Fantasy X, specifically the "To Zanarkand" segment.
  • The melody from "Keeping the Peace" has been reused 3 times in:
    • "The Troop's Advance"
    • "At Prestiment's Edge"
    • and "Answer"
  • The are twelve extra in-game tracks from past Final Fantasy games available to be bought in the PP Catalog. These are:
    • "Town" - Final Fantasy
    • "The Rebel Army" - Final Fantasy II
    • "The Crystal Tower" - Final Fantasy III
    • "Red Wings" - Final Fantasy IV
    • "Decisive Battle" - Final Fantasy V
    • "Dancing Mad" - Final Fantasy VI
    • "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" - Final Fantasy VII
    • "The Man with the Machine Gun" - Final Fantasy VIII
    • "The Darkness of Eternity" - Final Fantasy IX
    • "Battle with Seymour" - Final Fantasy X
    • "Awakening" - Final Fantasy XI
    • "Fight to the Death" - Final Fantasy XII


  • Official Site - contains previews of the tracks listed.
  • VGMdb - Dissidia -Final Fantasy- Original Soundtrack
  • VGMdb - Dissidia -Final Fantasy- Original Soundtrack(limited edition)

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