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Dispersing Arrow
Icon File:Dispersing Arrow.png
Class Cra
Level 0
Element N/A
Type Special spell
Official description Repels allies or enemies by several cells, even if they are blocked by other enemies or allies.

Spell Properties

Linear Line of Sight Free Squares Boost Range Fatal

Spell Characteristics

Caution: Monsters' elemental/neutral damage is modified by their statistics, which are in majority unknown.

Lvl Effect Crit AP Ra Critical Casts per Cd Caster
Hit Fail Tgt Trn
1 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 2 (Cross) 2X - 3 1-7 - 1/100 - - 7 0
2 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 2 (Cross) 2X - 3 1-8 - 1/100 - - 6 0
3 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 2 (Cross) 2X - 3 1-9 - 1/100 - - 5 0
4 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 2 (Cross) 2X - 3 1-10 - 1/100 - - 4 0
5 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 2 (Cross) 2X - 3 1-11 - 1/100 - - 3 0
6 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 2 (Cross) 2X - 3 1-12 - 1/100 - - 2 100


Dispersing Arrow allows Cras to repel everything for two cells around the target cell in all 4 directions, moving a maximum of two targets in a row. Only background elements can block the effects of Dispersing Arrow.
In group, this spell allows Cras to help allies escape from enemy tackle zones and also to reposition the participants, both allies and enemies, during combat. Since the spell also pushes the caster, it can be used to unlock the cra if he wants to get away from an enemy with high agility. Finally, the spell allows Cras to maintain their enemies at a distance and to make full use of their large battery of very long-range spells, as well as manipulating the enemies Line of Sight by placing them behind objects. Combined with MP and range manipulation, this can potentially place the caster in an extremely favorable position.

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