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Dispelga is a recurring spell that appears in later Final Fantasy games.



Final Fantasy XI

Dispelga first appearance in Final Fantasy XI, and it is available only to monsters. It would technically be considered a Black Magic spell, since it is cast by a Black Mage-type creature and the base spell, Dispel is also considered Black Magic in this iteration. It is the primary spell cast by Hawker's Hecteyes. It will remove one status effect from all enemies in range. Since this is an enemy creature, its enemies are actually players.


Final Fantasy XII

Dispelga is a White Magick spell in Final Fantasy XII. It is a level 6 White Magick spell and its license costs 8,200 gil. The spell can be bought in Balfonheim. Dispelga is identical to the original Dispel spell, albeit that it now affects multiple targets. It can also remove the Slow and Stop statuses.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Dispelga is a White Magick 10 License. It can only be obtained from a chest in the Feywood's White Magick's Embrace. It is a spell for both White Mage and Monk Job class, though Monks can only learn it after getting the Esper Famfrit license.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Dispelga is learned by Fran at level 40 as well as enemy White Mages. It removes buffs from a small radius of enemies.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Dispelja or Despair2 is a enemy ability available to the Lucavi Ultima in her Arch Seraph form.

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