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Disciples of the Light
Appearance / Type: Humanoid?
Also known as: Angels?
Affiliated with: The Ancient Lights?
The Light?
Place of origin: Unknown (possibly Krop Tor)
Mentioned in: DW: The Satan Pit

The Disciples of the Light were a highly advanced civilization who, according to the Beast, lived before this Universe was created.


Pictograms made by the Disciples show them as a humanoid species with black bodies and white heads. How much of that is simply artistic design is unknown, although many Earth cultures draw similar stick figures with black bodies and white heads. (DW: The Satan Pit)


The ruins of the Disciples' cavern in the centre of Krop Tor.

Before the creation of this Universe, the Disciples had been at battle with the Beast, and buried on a planet later called Krop Tor, which was probably their homeworld. Both the planet and K37 Gem 5, the black hole it orbited, served as a prison for the Beast. Their means of maintaining the orbit without obvious technology surpassed even the Doctor's understanding.

The Disciples may also have imprisoned the Beast's son, Abaddon, using the Cardiff rift.

After the Beast was sealed away, the Disciples of Light seemed to have disappeared (and presumably became extinct), leaving only shards of pottery and the Galis Expedition notebook. Translations were nearly impossible, since the language (and the alphabet) seem to have no modern descendants. (DW: The Satan Pit)

It is unknown to whom specifically they were Disciples, although it is possible they worshipped the Ancient Lights which originate from the same period (SJA: Secrets of the Stars) or if they imprisoned Pwccm (but not Abaddon), they may have worshipped the Light (TWN: The Twilight Streets)

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