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Pre-War Outfit
Pre-War Outfit
DR: 3
item HP: 100
weight: 5 (Dirty Relaxedwear)
10 (Dirty Parkstroller)
2 (others)
value: 5 (Dirty Parkstroller)
8 (Casualwear, Parkstroller, Relaxed)
6 (others)
effects: AG +1
repair: (Dirty) Casualwear, (Dirty) Relaxedwear (with each other)
(Dirty) Parkstroller, (Dirty) Spring Outfit (with each other)
variants: (Grimy) Pre-War Businesswear
base id: Clean:
1EA6D (Casualwear)
5BB66, CB60F (Parkstroller)
5BB63 (Relaxedwear)
340D0 (Spring Outfit)
CB60D (Casualwear)
5BB70 (Parkstroller)
5BB6F (Relaxedwear)
340D1, 66C71 (Spring Outfit)
Pre-War Hat
DR: 1
item HP: 15
weight: 1
value: 8
effects: PE +1
repair: Pre-War Baseball Cap (Baseball Cap)
Pre-War Bonnet (Bonnet)
Pre-War Hat (Hat)
variants: Shady Hat
Takoma Park Little Leaguer Cap
Kid's Baseball Cap
Mysterious Stranger Hat
base id: 28FF9 (Baseball Cap)
340CD (Bonnet)
340c8 (Hat)

Pre-War Outfits are a type of clothing found in Fallout 3.

Casualwear and Relaxedwear (as well as their dirty variants) can be repaired with each other. On the other hand, Parkstroller and Spring Outfits (as well as their dirty variants) can be used to fix each other up.

All of these outfits are for sale from the clothing shop in Tenpenny Tower and Rivet City.




(Dirty) Pre-War Casualwear

Used before the Great War it can still be found in 2277 on NPCs in Tenpenny Tower.

(Dirty) Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit

Found in a suitcase on the boat underneath Arefu, or in a house in Minefield. it can also be found in a metal box in the Super-Duper Mart.

The dirty version weighs 10 lbs, which is unusually high in comparison to the 2 lb regular version.

(Dirty) Pre-War Relaxedwear

Pre-War Relaxedwear is basically a long-sleeve white shirt with a sweatervest and slacks, assuming your character is male. Otherwise, it's a green dress for female characters.

Known locations

(Dirty) Pre-War Spring Outfit

Pre-War Spring Outfit can be found outside of Dukov's Place in a suitcase, close to the Anchorage Memorial.

Variants with different bonuses


Pre-War Baseball Cap

A red baseball cap, the kind you would wear on those hot summer days before the Great War.

Pre-war Baseball Caps can be found in various places/shops in the Wasteland. Talking with Stanley at your 10th birthday party and asking if he has anymore gifts will result in a free cap. In addition, you will then also find one in your dresser at the start of Escape!. This headwear can be looted off of Overseer Mack's body if you kill him in Trouble on the Homefront. Another one hat can be found at the Fordham Flash Memorial Field.

Pre-War Bonnet

A pre-war women's bonnet. The bonnet appears the same regardless of the gender of the lone wanderer.

An example can be found in New Urban Apparel. If your character is female, on your tenth birthday you might recieve this item opposed to the Pre-War Baseball Cap.

Pre-War Hat

The Pre-War Hat is similar to a modern fedora.

In total, there are around 20 of these all over Capital Wasteland. One is worn by Mister Burke, and another one is left in his house in Megaton. There is also a huge collection in wardrobes throughout Calvert Mansion in Point Lookout.

Variants with different stats

Unique variants


Pre-War Outfits appear only in Fallout 3.


Armor of Fallout 3

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