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Dirt Haven

leaders: Town Father
doctors: Salik
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Dirt Haven is a small tribal village in the area of the pre-War city of Chicago, Illinois. During their initial recruitment drives, the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel formed an alliance with the village. The Brotherhood provides them with protection from bandits and raiders and they in turn, supply them with food and their most able bodied young as recruits. However, none of their volunteers lived long enough to even make the Initiate rank, as a raider ambush annihilated the entire recruit class in 2197. The chief of the tribe is called the Town Father. The name of Dirt Haven's medicine man was Salik. There was also another survivor - a tribesman who awaited the Brotherhood. The village was invaded by raiders from Devil's Graveyard, led by a raider leader, who were then killed by a squad of Brotherhood Initiates.


  • Ah, the Brotherhood. I remember not long ago when you came here preaching an alliance good for all. You took our food. You took our pride. Then . . . you took our children. Yet where were you when the bandits raided our village three times in as many days? - the Town Father

Mission walkthrough

Dirt Haven
chapter: chapter?
location: Dirt Haven
given by: Paladin Ziskele
main objectives: Save the Town Father and eliminate the raider lieutenant
optional objectives: Free the villagers from the cave.
Find Salik.
next: Devil's Graveyard
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Appearances in games

Dirt Haven appears only in Fallout Tactics demo.

Fallout Tactics missions

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