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Dirk Harkness
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Rebellion era


Dirk Harkness was an independent Rebel operative from Salliche. He wore an eyepatch over his left eye.


Prior to joining the Rebel Alliance Harkness was a mechanic on a freighter under Captain Granf where he met and fell in love with the first mate Chessa. Their happiness wasn't to last as Imperial forces killed his fiancée. Chessa had secretly been supplying Rebels through her contact General Corros. Harkness wanted to exact any kind of revenge on the Empire and joined up with Corros. He saw his first action against the Empire during the evacuation of Edan Base. He seems to have worked closely with the Alliance and even taking direct orders from the Alliance from time to time, however he operated mostly as a mercenary and pursued his own agenda against the Empire. His group took the name the Black Curs.

After taking command of the Battle of Yavin, he and his men were rescued from Hensara III by Rogue Squadron.

Shortly after the Battle of Endor Harkness had been working with Platt Okeefe when he was captured by Imperial forces and imprisoned on Zelos II. Okeefe and Tru'eb Cholakk managed to rescue him.

At some point following after the Battle of Endor, Harkness and the Curs journeyed through the Core Worlds and wrote up an extensive report which they directed to Alliance High Command. It was generally well received though it was found to be lacking information on ground forces and army deployment on the worlds, though fleet deployment was well documented and comprehensive. The only known criticizer of the accuracy of Harkness' report was Borsk Fey'lya whose motives for criticizing the report are unknown.

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