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Diric Wessiri
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38 BBY


7 ABY, Coruscant

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New Republic era


Alliance to Restore the Republic, Galactic Empire

Diric Wessiri was the husband of Iella Wessiri. He was captured by the Galactic Empire and turned into one of their sleeper agents by Ysanne Isard.


Due to his status as a sleeper agent, Wessiri was simply a ticking time bomb waiting for an order from Isard. When the Imperial agent Kirtan Loor attempted to defect to the Rebel Alliance in return for immunity for prosecution and a sum of credits, Isard thought only that this was in fact Evir Derricote (who had previously been killed by Corran Horn, the corpse had then been used to appear as though Derricote had attempted an escape from Isard's Lusankya Prison) and thus she 'activated' Wessiri to assassinate the apparent traitor to the Empire.

When Wessiri's wife Iella was escorting Loor to a safe house along with the Twi'lek member of Rogue Squadron Nawara Ven, Diric appeared from a hidden location brandishing two blasters shouting "Die, Derricote, Die!"

One shot hit Nawara Ven in the hip, another two piercing Kirtan Loor in the chest – killing him. Iella however dived and fired two shots with her own blaster, both of which hit her husband in the stomach. When Iella realized she had just shot her husband she clung to him until the end. Before which he told her of how he had been turned into an agent of Isard while at Lusankya. On discovering he hadn't killed Derricote but Loor instead he replied simply with "Good. I never liked him" retaining his sense of humor up until his death. Before he passed on he told Iella that Isard had intended him to kill his wife also but he managed to keep self control enough to prevent a bomb rigged in the elevator from going off. His last words to his wife were that he loved her and thanked her for setting him free.

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